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A look at Snappy Drivers Installer Origin (update Windows device drivers)

Snappy Drivers Installer Origin is a free open source and portable program for Microsoft’s Windows operating system to update device drivers.

The application is a fork of Snappy Drivers Installer, a program that we reviewed back in 2015. Both programs are in active development and it is quite difficult to find out how they differ from each other.

Driver update programs have a bad reputation on Windows; mostly because of shady programs that use scare tactics to get users to pay for updates, and reliability issues.

Snappy Drivers Installer Origin is one of the few good programs in the niche. You can download a small version that comes without any drivers or the whole package using torrents. Note that the torrent download includes all drivers supported which results in a size of more than 14 Gigabytes.

It is recommended to create a System Restore Point or system backup before you install any of the drivers.

Snappy Drivers Installer Origin

snappy drivers installer origin

The program interface looks a bit dated. You can change the theme on the left, I suggest you pick Metallic as I find it the most eye pleasing themes.

The driver-less version of Snappy Drivers Installer Origin requires an Internet connection. It can download driver metadata or drivers, and will run a scan afterward to match system hardware and installed drivers for that hardware with the most recent versions.

It displays the total number of driver updates that it found at the top; you may click on the link to download the drivers to the local system.

Snappy Drivers Installer Origin checks whether System Restore is enabled in the program; check the box in front of the warning to enable the creation of system restore points prior to driver installations.

driver comparison

All devices and drivers found are listed in the main pane. Information is kept to a minimum on this screen by default. You may press the Ctrl-key however when you hover over a device to compare the currently installed driver with the driver Snappy Drivers Installer Origin found for the device.

The program lists the driver version and release date for the installed and available driver. You have multiple options to proceed:

  1. Shift-click on any device listed to download (if necessary) and install the driver).
  2. Check multiple devices and select “install” in the sidebar to install drivers for all selected devices.
  3. Click on the “updates are available” entry at the top to open the drivers download interface.

Some driver installations require a restart. Snappy Driver Installer Origin hides all drivers that were not installed until the system is restarted to complete the installation of the driver.

The drivers download window displays all available drivers and information such as the size of the driver. You may check some or all to download them to the local system.

updates available

Options are provided to hide missing driver packs and to “continue seeding after the download is finished”. Seeding seems to indicate that drivers get downloaded using torrents and that is verified in the options when you enable Expert Mode.

Advanced features

Check the “Expert Mode” box to displays additional options; doing so unlocks the options menu to change the configuration. Use the options to change torrent settings, e.g. max upload speed or the port that is used, the download path, or add commands that you want executed after installation of drivers.

Expert Mode enables filter options so that you may display only drivers that are newer or better than the installed one among other things.

Closing Words

Snappy Driver Installer Origins is a useful program for Windows administrators and users. You may want to download the full driver package if you use the program regularly to update drivers on client, family, or friend systems.

The application is easy to use and includes an option to create system restore points. The interface needs a refresh though; I’d like to see options to display installed and new drivers directly side by side to compare them directly.

Now You: do you use driver updaters?

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