A quick look at Vov Podcast Downloader for Windows

Vov Podcast Downloader is a program for Windows to download podcast episodes from RSS feeds that you add to the application.

The application is a commercial program but the trial does not appear time or feature limited. You will have to endure a nag screen on start and cannot turn off update notifications, but that is all there is on the negative side of things.

The program has a size of just 2 Megabytes and it comes with a clean installer. The developer lists all versions of Windows starting with Windows XP as compatible with the application.

The interface is bare bones and minimalism certainly played a key role in the design; that’s not bad necessarily, but if you expect an fancy interface with state of the art color schemes and graphics, then you will be disappointed.

vov podcast downloader

Vov Podcast Downloader comes with a list of preset RSS feeds. While that is good in theory, it does not really help users much as it displays only the feed URL in its interface. In other words: it is rather difficult to determine what a linked podcast is all about.

The developer should consider improving the listing by adding titles to the list and preferably other information such as last update date.

You may add podcast feeds to the program with a click on the add button. The process works, provided that you know where to find these URLs.

The podcast feed is listed to the interface. When you double-click on a listed podcast episodes are retrieved. The list is limited by the feed so that you may not get all episodes listed when you retrieve a feed.

The application lists all available podcast episodes in the lower half of the interface. There you may select one or multiple podcasts, and hit the download button to download them to the local system.

Downloads are saved to the Desktop by default, but you may change that in the interface directly. The list of episodes suffers from the same lack of information as the podcast feed list. You get direct links to media files but there is no title, size, or date information.

The program checks for duplicates automatically so that you won’t run into duplicate file download issues when you use the application.

How it compares

Vov Podcast Downloader is a lightweight application and that has some appeal especially if you compare it to heavier programs such as iTunes or Miro.

When you compare it to a program like Juice, however, you will notice that Juice offers just that tiny bit of additional information that I find Vov Podcast Downloader is lacking. Juice lists titles and the size of epiodes which is very helpful. It is also great that it comes with an included podcast directory for easier finding and adding of podcasts.

Closing Words

Vov Podcast Downloader is a well designed program that works just as advertised. It needs better subscription management in my opinion and to display more information for each podcast and episode.

Now You: do you listen to podcasts?

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