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Add some window drag space to Firefox

Mozilla modified the interface and design of Firefox 57 significantly; a lot for the better, some things not, or at least not right away.

One of the things that you may have noticed is that it is quite difficult to move the Firefox window around using drag and drop.

While you can use spaces designed for that, the top left location, and the location between tabs and the window status buttons, most of the window’s UI cannot be used for that anymore.

The following screenshot highlights the locations in Firefox’s title/tab bar that support drag operations.

firefox drag space

Compare that to the screenshot of Firefox 56 below.

Tabs were not placed on the titlebar directly, but a bit below it so that you had a stripe on top of them which supported drag operations.

firefox 56 changes user.js

You have two options basically to improve drag operations in Firefox to make it easier to drag the Firefox window around.

The first is to add a dedicated title bar to the web browser. This may not be to the liking of all Firefox users, but if you enable the title bar, tabs are moved to their own dedicated row in the Firefox UI.

It looks like this then and Firefox’s window behaves like any other regular program window out there from that moment on.

firefox title bar

The title bar displays the page title of the active tab as well which some users may find useful. All of the title bar, with the exception of the window status controls support window dragging.

Others may not like adding a title bar to the browser, as it takes away vertical space that can be used to display websites instead.

The second option that Firefox users have is to add “drag space” to Firefox. This restores the classic line on top of the tabs, but its height is less than the height it was in Firefox 56.

You see how that looks like on the screenshot below.

drag space firefox

You can enable both options, title bar and/or drag space in the following way:

  1. Click on the Firefox menu, and select customize from the options.
  2. You find the title bar and drag space options at the bottom of the customize Firefox interface.
  3. Simply check either one to enable it.

While you may enable both options, doing so has the same effect as enabling the title bar option only.

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