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Latest McAfee Securitycenter

Everything you want to know about the Current Version Plugin McAfee SecurityCenter

The current version plugin McAfee SecurityCenter is designed to help users protect their PCs. As part of the McAfee SecurityCenter solution, the plugin allows you to track the security status and health of your computer, and will also check to ensure that your firewall, spyware and antivirus are up to date.

What Does this Plugin Do?

Latest McAfee Securitycenter

Many people assume that the Current Version Plugin McAfee SecurityCenter is malware or a type of virus, but it’s actually the complete opposite. Working with SecurityCenter software, the plugin works to protect your PC from harmful threats, like malware, spyware and viruses. It works with your Firefox browser to give you this much-needed protection.

Along with its ability to protect your PC, the plugin also includes a firewall, which allows you to further secure your system and tweak your network settings.

The main function of this plugin is to integrate certain security functions from McAfee’s SecurityCenter into your Firefox browser. This allows for safe browsing and protection from hackers. Additionally, the plugin will help monitor the efficiency and performance of your Firefox browser.

McAfee’s SecurityCenter offers vital protection for your PC, and the plugin in comes bundled with the software for easy, automatic protection. The program will also download updates automatically, so your computer is protected from the most recent viruses, malware and spyware.

How to Install the Current Version Plugin McAfee SecurityCenter

In order for the current version plugin to work properly, you must have the most up-to-date version of McAfee Security Scan Plus installed. Once the software is installed, the plugin will automatically install.

You may also search for the plugin online, download it and install it to your system. If you plan on installing the plugin manually, make sure that you download from a trusted site to avoid installing malware or viruses. It’s also important to note that the plugin will not work if the McAfee SecuirtyCenter software is not installed on your computer.

The plugin is completely safe to use, and is not harmful to your computer. The only issue that some users face is that the plugin prevents Firefox from accessing the internet. In this case, users will have to reset their network settings.

How to Remove the McAfee SecurityCenter Firefox Plugin

Although the McAfee SecurityCenter plugin is not harmful to your computer, some people may still want to remove it from their Firefox browser.

If you don’t plan on using SecurityCenter in the future, you can remove the entire program from your computer. Uninstalling the entire program will also remove the plugin. Otherwise, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. In your Firefox browser, click the menu button, and select “Add-ons”. This will open the add-ons manager.
  2. On this tab, select Plugins.
  3. Choose the plugin you want to disable.
  4. Click “Never Activate” from the drop-down menu.

If you want to re-enable the plugin in the future, follow the same steps above, but instead of choosing “Never Activate,” choose “Always Activate” from the dropdown menu.

Keep in mind that if you uninstall the plugin, McAfee SecurityCenter may not work properly, and your browsing activity will also not be protected.

The current version plugin McAfee SecurityCenter will help you keep your PC safe and secure against viruses, malware and spyware. As part of the McAfee suite of security products, the plugin will work continuously to shield your personal data, documents and other vital data from unscrupulous hackers. While you can easily remove the plugin, it’s best to keep it installed to ensure that you have the vital protection you need to browse the web safely and securely.

Intel identity protection technology

Current Version Plugin Intel® Identity Protection Technology

Intel’s Current Version Plugin Intel® Identity Protection Technology adds an extra layer of hardware protection for your PC. The plugin is available for download and is often included in Mozilla Firefox and Chrome, but that’s not where the true power of Intel’s technology is stored.

Should You Download the Plugin?

Current Version Plugin Intel® Identity Protection Technology

While the plugin is software-based, it allows you to increase the security of your computer or internet-connected device. Users that have Intel chips and hardware will be able to take advantage of all the security benefits of Identity Protection Technology.

Only some of the offered security is available through the plugin.

Note: Intel’s Identity Protection Technology is 100% safe to use and we do not recommend uninstalling it due to its security-boosting features.

The plugin is also free to download and use.

What Identity Protection Technology Offers

There are a variety of ways that the plugin protects your identity. These include:

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

MFA protection is perfect for enterprises. This is a way of authenticating users. Through IPT, there are 3 cases used for verification:

  1. Walk Away Lock: Using Android’s Bluetooth technology and your PC, your PC will be locked once your Android device is far away from your computer. When out of range, the computer will look for the Android device and ask for a six-digit pin to allow the user to log back in.
  2. Domain / OS Login: Not part of the plugin, this security measure places encrypted keys in hardware, adding extra security versus software storage.
  3. VPN Login: The VPN Login acts the same way that the Domain / OS Login operates. User keys are encrypted in hardware rather than software for added security.

One-time Password

Using one-time tokens, websites are made more secure using two-factor authentication. This is available on all Intel Core processors that are generation 2 or higher.

Public Key Infrastructure

The Public Key Infrastructure helps with domain/OS login and VPN Login. Devices that use this technology will use RSA key pairs and certificates generated in the processor. This high-level authentication is available on Intel’s 3rd generation processors and later.

Protected Transaction Display

Transaction display ensures that a user’s information is safe using an embedded security processor. Information is displayed using a PIN Pad, Captcha or virtual keyboard. This mechanism requires a user to be present at the computer or device when a transaction is made.

From a user perspective, you won’t have to deal with extra prompts or hurdles when using the plugin. All of the protection is done behind the scenes so that the end user isn’t affected after installation. Instead, the plugin works with your favorite websites to ensure that there are no third-parties intercepting your information.

Not all websites or services take advantage of Intel’s Identity Protection Technology, but those that do see a significant difference in their level of security. Using hardware, viruses and malware are not able to alter or intercept your stored information or encrypted keys as easily, offering a broader level of security to the user. In effect, users will be protecting their identity without lifting a finger.

Many users will already have this plugin installed on their computer. This is done through the operating system and is often prepackaged when your computer or device is shipped. Uninstalling the plugin will not cause any harm to your computer, but it will eliminate all of the added protection and security for your device. Intel based processors and hardware is needed to ensure that you have the utmost protection from Intel.

Downloading and installing the plugin and software is simple. Users can go to Intel’s own website to download the latest version of the plugin.

NVIDIA 3D Vision

Current Version Plugin NVIDIA 3D Vision

The current version plugin NVIDIA 3D vision is designed to let you view 3D videos in your browser. Of course, you’ll need to have the appropriate hardware to view 3D videos, and you’ll need to have a NVIDIA video card for this plugin to work.

Before 3D Vision was released, this plugin was known as GeForce 3D Vision. The GeForce 3D Vision plugin also allowed you to view 3D videos right in your browser, but was originally designed by 120Hz screens. Considering the plugin was introduced in 2009, NVIDIA determined it was time to update it and make changes, so users could view 3D videos on CRT monitors as well.

Current Version Plugin NVIDIA 3D Vision

System Requirements

In order to use the 3D Vision plugin, your system must meet the following requirements:

  • 1GB of RAM
  • 100MB of free disk space
  • Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) or Windows Vista (32 or 64 bit)
  • AMD Athlon X2 CPU or an Intel Core 2 Duo processor

Most new computers will be compatible with this plugin, but if you don’t have NVIDIA’s graphic hardware, you won’t be able to install it.

If you’re looking to watch 3D Videos on YouTube, you’ll need to not only meet the requirements above, but also meet the following requirements:

  • GeForce driver version 275 or later
  • 3D Vision ready 3D notebook, monitor, TV or projector
  • NVIDIA 3DTV Play
  • Firefox version 4.0 or newer

Without the right hardware or monitor, you’ll be unable to view content in 3D.

3D Vision Live

Want to watch 3D videos outside of YouTube? Just visit to watch sports, concerts, movies and more in HD, full-resolution 3D right on your PC.

Common Plugin Problems

Some users experience issues with this plugin, especially if they don’t plan on using the 3D capabilities it offers.

Many users simply disable the plugin and attempt to continue using their browser as normal. However, this can cause performance issues. In some cases, browsers are slow to start up, or crash altogether. Instead of simply disabling the plugin, you’ll need to:

  • Uninstall your graphics drivers
  • Re-install the drivers without the 3D components.

If you choose to do this, you won’t be able to watch 3D videos on YouTube. However, your browser will still perform as normal.

3D Gaming

Outside of the browser plugin, NVIDIA 3D vision also translates hundreds of PC games into 3D. These games include:

  • Max Payne 3
  • Battlefield 3
  • Brave
  • Civilization V
  • Dead Rising 2
  • Biohazard 5
  • Deep Black
  • Aion
  • Batman: Arkham City, and more

To play games in 3D, you’ll need a 3D Vision-compatible monitor and graphic hardware. You’ll also need a pair of Vision 2 wireless glasses. You can purchase a glasses kit right from NVIDIA as well as an extra pair.

The current version plugin NVIDIA 3D Vision lets you watch videos on YouTube and 3D Vision Live like never before and in stunning 3D. Providing you have compatible graphic hardware, an appropriate monitor and a pair of Vision 2 glasses, you can not only watch 3D videos on your browser, but also play games in full-resolution 3D as well.

Yahoo Application State

Current Version Plugin Yahoo Application State Plugin

Information on the Current Version Plugin Yahoo Application State Plugin

The current version plugin Yahoo Application State plugin was an application from Yahoo that allowed you to sync your Yahoo services, such as Mail and Messenger. This plugin made it easy to keep track of your email and chat with friends on Messenger.

Mozilla blocked older versions of the Yahoo Application State plugin because it caused SeaMonkey and Firefox to crash. If you’re using any of the versions listed below, this plugin has been disabled and blocked from Firefox:

  • SeaMonkey and later
  • Firefox 3 and later

The add-on will be automatically disabled on your browser if you’re running an older version of the plugin, so you won’t be able to use the email or chat functionality.

Installing the Updated Plugin

Current Version Plugin Yahoo Application State Plugin

The good news is that Yahoo has updated its plugin since Mozilla blocked the original. Downloading the newest version of the plugin will allow you to use the Messenger and Mail functionality once again.

The simplest and easiest way to do this is to either install Yahoo Messenger or Toolbar. Now, when you install the Toolbar or Messenger, you will have the option to not install the plugin. However, if you would like to use Messenger or Mail in your Firefox browser, you should choose to install the plugin.

Troubleshooting Plugin Problems

If you’re having issues with the plugin, or Firefox says that the plugin has been disabled, there are a few things you can do to try and remedy the problem.

  • Make sure that your browser is updated to the latest version.
  • Know that Firefox is known to have issues with this plugin, but if you have the latest version of Yahoo Messenger or Toolbar, it should be compatible with Firefox 3 or later.
  • Uninstall Yahoo Messenger or Toolbar, download the latest version from Yahoo, and re-install the application.

Updating to the latest version of your browser or re-installing either application should fix any issues you might be having with the plugin.

Removing the Current Version Plugin Yahoo Application State Plugin

Want to remove the plugin altogether? If it’s crashing your browser or causing performance issues, the Yahoo Application State plugin is very easy to uninstall.

You can start by disabling the add-on through Firefox. This is done by:

  • Clicking the button with the three horizontal lines on the top right side of the browser.
  • Clicking the Plugins button.
  • Selecting “Never Activate” from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the page.

Another way to remove the plugin is to simply uninstall Yahoo Messenger or Toolbar. This can be done by:

  • Going to Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a Program.
  • Finding Yahoo Messenger or Toolbar on the program list.
  • Right-clicking the program name and choosing “Uninstall”.
  • Following the prompts to complete the removal process.

Once the program has been completely uninstalled, the plugin should be removed. If you want to use it again in the future, simply download and install the latest version of Messenger or Toolbar from Yahoo’s website.

Remember, older versions of the current version plugin Yahoo Application State plugin have been blocked by Mozilla. If you still want to use the plugin, you’ll need to install the latest version of Yahoo Messenger or Toolbar.

Microsoft Office 2013

Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2013

Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2013

As we become more and more dependent on technology in every facet of life, one area seems to be needing more and more attention; the ability to share documents across multiple devices and access them immediately. Similar to Dropbox and Google Drive, the current version plugin Microsoft Office 2013 allows for document sharing across multiple computers. It also delivers real time access to those documents. The Office plugin takes it one step further, though, allowing unique access to your documents.

What Is the Microsoft Office 2013 Firefox Plugin?

Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2013

The current version plugin Microsoft Office 2013 is a unique piece of software that comes standard with Office 2013. It connects with Firefox to give you access to any of your Office files directly from the browser. For example, let’s say you are browsing the web using Firefox and want to open an excel spreadsheet. You can click into the plugin right inside your browser, find the file and click open. Your spreadsheet then launches.

Essentially the plugin is cloud storage for all of your office documents, but with a twist. Your documents are accessible directly from the Firefox browser at any given moment and from any device.

How Does the Plugin Work?

This where the magic happens. Unlike Google Drive, when you launch any Office file (like a Word Doc or Excel spreadsheet) it does not remain in your browser, but opens in Microsoft Office right on your computer. If you open a Word document, Microsoft Word launches and you can edit the document in the full version of Word.

Possibly the best feature happens when you save your changes to the document. When your editing is complete and you click save, the document is saved to both your physical location (computer) as well as the cloud storage provided by the current version plugin Microsoft Office 2013. This makes updating documents clean and efficient; no confusion like may find when using Dropbox.

The Benefits of Using the Plugin

There are a couple key benefits worth noting. First, the Microsoft Office 2013 plugin allows you to edit your documents within the Microsoft Office software. You don’t need to upload or download a document to a web based application like Google Drive. Any editing you perform is always done right within Microsoft Office. It’s clean and eliminates changing from one document editor to another.

Saving documents is also extremely simple. Using software like Dropbox, saving documents can get confusing. You need to save it to your Dropbox folder, but then it doesn’t save to your computer. This issue is eliminated with the Microsoft Office Firefox plugin. When you have finished editing and save the document, it is automatically saved to your cloud storage as well as your physical computer. This eliminates having to save the document multiple times in different locations. The current version plugin Microsoft Office 2013 makes saving documents very efficient.

There is also no need to worry about updating the plugin as it will be updated with along Microsoft Office 2013 updates. In addition to this, the plugin is also completely safe for your computer. It will not slow your machine down or damage it in any way.

Overall the Microsoft Office plugin is extremely efficient. It allows you to work on your documents in the 2013 Office applications themselves, not a web-based version, and makes saving them simple and efficient. As a tool for real-time document sharing and editing it’s difficult to beat. The current version plugin Microsoft Office 2013 is a clean and efficient tool that will enhance your productivity.