Chrome Portable Updater for Windows

Google does not really offer portable versions of the company’s Google Chrome web browser for download. Chromium, the browser that Chrome is based on, is available as a portable version.

It is possible to run Google Chrome as a portable version but updating is not straightforward as there are not many solutions out there that automate the updating somewhat.

Chromium users on the other hand have a wide range of programs at their disposal to update the Chromium browser automatically.

Tip: it is possible to block automatic updates of Chrome.

Chrome Portable Updater

chrome portable updater

Chrome Portable Updater is a portable program for Microsoft Windows systems that downloads portable versions of Google Chrome and updates existing portable versions of Chrome.

The Windows interface language determines which portable version of Google Chrome is downloaded by the application.

All you need to do is the following:

  1. Download Chrome Portable Updater from the Deskmodder website. I suggest you select the EN version on the page.
  2. Extract the downloaded archive to your system.
  3. The program extracts the portable versions of Chrome into folders under the root structure. You may want to move the folder to the desired location.
  4. There are two executable files in root (unfortunately with German filenames).
    1. Chrome Updater x86-x64 Lang_EN Einzel Ordner.exe extracts the selected Chrome channel version to its own folder, e.g. Chrome Dev x64. You may use it to create up to 8 different Chrome portable folders to run them individually (great for testing).
    2. Chrome Updater x86-x64 Lang_EN Nur Chrome Ordner.exe extracts the selected channel version into the Chrome folder (thus replacing any version that exists in that folder already).
  5. In other words: if you plan to use different Chrome editions, run the executable mentioned under 4.1, if you just want one Chrome edition, run the exe in 4.2 instead.
  6. The application displays download buttons for all Chrome channels and supported Windows architectures.
  7. Select the one you want, and wait for the download to complete.

All files are downloaded to a folder in the directory you executed Chrome Portable Updater from.

Windows users who prefer to use the command line can do so as well: just append the following parameters to the application name to run the download from the command line or batch files:

  • canary86 == Chrome x86 Canary
  • canary64 == Chrome x64 Canary
  • dev86 == Chrome x86 Developer
  • dev64 == Chrome x64 Developer
  • beta86 == Chrome x86 Beta
  • beta64 == Chrome x64 Beta
  • stable86 == Chrome x86 Stable
  • stable64 == Chrome x64 Stable

Example: C:”Chrome Updater x86-x64 Lang_EN Einzel Ordner.exe” canary64 to download the 64-bit Canary version to its own folder.

Now You: Do you run portable browser versions?

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