Color is a new Firefox Test Pilot Experiment

Mozilla launched the Test Pilot experiments Color and Side View yesterday officially; I reviewed Side View, an extension to display any link or open tab in the Firefox sidebar, yesterday already.

Today, I’m going to take a look at the second Test Pilot experiment Color. Color is an interesting experiment as it adds custom theme creation options to Firefox.

Anyone can create a new Firefox theme with Firefox Color and distribute it by using built-in share functionality.

Note: Test Pilot experiments come and go. There is no guarantee that Color will be integrated natively in the Firefox browser. Mozilla collects usage data when users install Color in Firefox and uses the data and user feedback to determine whether an experiment will be integrated natively in the browser or published as a standalone add-on instead.

Firefox Color

firefox color

You need to install the Test Pilot extension and the Firefox Color experiment to get started. You may do so in Firefox Stable or any other version of the browser that is supported by Mozilla.

Color opens a special interface after installation which you interact with to create the theme and save or share it.

The Firefox Color website displays several interactive elements on the page that depict browser UI elements.

firefox color interface

You may change any color of listed user interface elements by clicking on the element. Doing so opens a color picker that supports entering HEX or RGB values manually, selecting a preset color, or selecting a color using the color picker.

You can change the following interface elements using Firefox Color:

  • Toolbar Icons and Text
  • Toolbar Color
  • Tab Highlight Color
  • Search Bar Color
  • Background Tab Text Color
  • Background Color
  • Theme Texture
  • Search Text

What is great about Firefox Color is that you see the change immediately in the “real” Firefox interface. Any color or texture change you make is reflected immediately in the interface so that you know how it looks like right away.

It is easy enough to correct color issues, e.g. when the background color and text color are too similar so that you can’t read the text anymore.

Any theme you create can be shared or saved for later use. The theme modifications are preserved across sessions. Firefox Colors comes without reset button; the only way that I found to restore the default theme is to uninstall the add-on.

While you can create custom themes using Firefox Color, you may also select one of the preset themes instead. Just scroll down on the page to apply a preset theme immediately.

Closing Words

Firefox Colors unlocks some color-based interface modifications in Firefox. Users may use it to change the color of most header interface elements in the Firefox browser.

I’d like to see additional UI elements such as scrollbars or the context menu unlocked for color changes and maybe even appearance changes in future updates as this would probably be appreciated as well by other users.

Now You: What’s your take on Firefox Color?

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