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Comet is an open source Windows Disk Cleanup clone

Comet is a new open source program for Windows that replicates functionality of the trusted Disk Cleanup tool of Windows.

Microsoft revealed some time ago the decision to deprecate Disk Cleanup and to integrate the tools functionality into the Settings application on Windows 10.

The Disk Cleanup tool is still available but it is probably only a matter of time before it is removed from the operating system.

Fundamental changes like these often encourage third-party developers to restore functionality or create tools that bring back removed functionality. While it is too early to say if the deprecation of Disk Cleanup will lead to a huge list of third-party solutions, like it has been the case for Start Menu replacements, it is clear that there is some interest on the developer and on the user side.

We reviewed CleanMgr+ some time ago and it received favorable user ratings and reviews.


comet disk cleanup

Comet is an open source program that aims to replicates the classic Disk Cleanup tool, at least in its initial version. You can download the application from the developer website on GitHub and give it a go; note that functionality is limited on Windows 7 due to API restrictions.

The program is portable, and you can run it from any location after the download. The interface looks just like the Disk Cleanup interface and users who are used to it will feel right at home.

You may click on “clean up system files” to unlock the cleaning of additional restricted locations. Each item is listed with its name, e.g. Delivery Optimization Files, and the disk space that is used by it.

Just check the locations that you want cleaned and hit the okay button to start the process. Comet displays a verification prompt that you need to accept before data is deleted.

A progress window is displayed if the deleting takes longer than a split-second and the program closes after the operation automatically; this is identical to how Disk Cleanup handles the cleaning.

The developer has plans to add command line options to the program so that it can be run from the command line directly. For now, it seems limited to the user interface version but that is probably what most Windows admins have used over the years.

Closing Words

Comet is a promising program especially if its developer implements functionality that Microsoft’s Disk Cleanup tool or Settings application don’t offer. There is really no reason why Disk Cleanup could not support more locations to clean up or even support custom cleanup locations that the program remembers.

Certainly a program to keep an eye on, especially if you are on Windows 10.

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