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Things You Should Know about iTunes Application Detector Plugin

iTunes is an app that is installed in iPhone and iPad. The purpose of this app is to download music, audio books, TV series, movies and other media files to your Apple gadget. However, there will come a time that the memory space of your gadget will get smaller because of the files installed in your gadget. Though they have an iCloud system where you can store your other files, you still need to create an account for you to transfer them there.

Good thing there is a plugin that lets you manage and transfer the files to your laptop. The great thing about it is it allows you to transfer those files even if your laptop is not a MacBook. You just need to synchronize your Apple gadget and your PC for you to transfer the files easily. Transfer is made easy and fast. This plugin is called the iTunes Application Detector.

The iTunes Application Detector is a plugin that manages your media files. It also lets you listen to your favorite songs and watch your favorite movies. The iTunes Application Detector comes in various versions. But if you want to get more benefits, then you need to get the current version plugin iTunes Application Detector. The current version is faster to connect than the previous versions.

The iTunes Application Detector plugin offers lots of benefits. One of the benefits is it lets you transfer and buy apps easily since the gadgets are already connected. Once you download an app, you can transfer it to your laptop by just tapping your storage option. In just a few minutes, the app will be transferred to your computer.

Another benefit is it increases the memory capacity of your gadget. No need for you to delete the file or create an iCloud account. You just need to connect your gadget to your laptop or PC and the files will be transferred easily.

But the greatest benefit of the plugin is you can follow your friends and your favorite artist anonymously. They won’t know that you are stalking them because your IP is well-protected.

Are There Any Fallbacks of the Application? Any software has its own setbacks. As per the iTunes Application Detector plugin, the only drawback of this software is it automatically turns on. This may be beneficial for others, but if you don’t download files that much, then this can be very irritating. Fortunately, you can change this feature. You just need to go to the options tab of your internet browser and change the settings. If you choose the “Always Ask” option, the detector won’t turn on without your permission. A pop-up question will appear on your screen, asking whether you want to use the detector or not.

The iTunes Application Detector plugin is the ideal plugin for non-MacBook users. It connects your Apple gadgets to your laptop with ease. With this plugin, not only will you transfer and buy apps easily, but also allows you to play videos and music clearly.

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