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Current Version Plugin Microsoft® DRM is an another amazing innovation by Microsoft for all Firefox users Microsoft® DRM stands for Digital Right Management. This current version Microsoft® plug-in is not already installed with Firefox browser, but it comes with the windows media player where it adds functionality to media player by allowing it to manage the digital rights. With this plug-in user can enjoy the number of audio and video content that available online and feed through Microsoft label over an IP network to your PC. The Microsoft® DRM service maintains the control over the content, how it used over the networks.

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Use of Current Version Plugin Microsoft® DRM

It happens many times that when you are surfing on the internet and would not able to get the access some audio or video content at that time you need to have a Current Version Plugin Microsoft® DRM which allow you to listen or watch the DRM formatted files.Generally, these are Video file which created with restricted permissions.

Other than above uses Current Version Microsoft DRM plugin allow developers to add a license into the Windows Media Right Manager. After adding the license information browser will automatically generate the restricted/protected content. DRM services are to certify that the content distributed only under the license terms. That’s the reason why we need to have Current Version Plugin Microsoft® DRM to play DRM content.

Download and Install The Current Version Plugin Microsoft® DRM

For having the Current Version Plugin Microsoft DRM within your browser you need to download and install the Windows media Player

  • First download the Windows media player from
  • After the downloading gets complete install the application within your system
    When the installation process completed the plug-in automatically added into your Firefox browser
  • Open your Firefox browser, click on Tool> add-ons> plugins use can see the Current Version Plugin Microsoft DRM into your browser

If you are already using the Windows media player then you need to update the software whenever you connect your system with internet pop up comes to which ask you to update the player, click on this and update the player then automatically DRM plugin installed in your browser.

Fix the Problem of Current Version Plugin Microsoft® DRM

At any time when you have a problem in your Current Version Plugin Microsoft DRM update your window media player. The Latest version of Plugin automatically installed in your browser with the latest version of Windows media player if you still have any problem with this then you can contact Microsoft Support to get solutions.

To Remove The Current Version Plug-in Microsoft® DRM

If you want to remove the plug-in from your browser you have to do it manually by following the below steps

1. Enter safe mode with command prompt
2. Now Type
cd C:
3. Then, type this text
Del C:WindowsSystem32dllcachenpdrmv2.dll
Del C:WindowsSystem32dllcachenpwmsdrm.dll
Del C:Program FilesWindows Media Playernpdrmv2.dll
Del C:Program FilesWindows Media Playernpwmsdrm.dll

4. Now close the command prompt and restart your system
5. The plug-in no more present in your browser

Current Version Plugin Microsoft® DRM is an important requirement for your computer to listen and watch the DRM protected videos. To install this plug-in you must have or install the windows media player within your system. Download the Microsoft DRM plugin and enjoy the Videos and audio.

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