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All about NVIDIA 3D Vision Plugin

The quality of the videos has greatly evolved. From a simple cartoon video to a 3D quality, you can see the great difference between them. But there are times that you cannot view the video or if you do, the video buffers. Good thing there is a plugin that lets you view a 3D video with ease. This plugin is called the NVIDIA 3D Vision Plugin. But before you get the current version plugin NVIDIA 3D Vision, let’s have a quick review of this software.

What is the NVIDIA 3D Vision Plugin? The NVIDIA 3D Vision Plugin was introduced in 2009. This plugin was called as the GeForce 3D Vision. Back then, it was originally made for online 3D games and a monitor that had a 120Hz display. But as the years go by, the plugin can now be used on YouTube and is also suited for 3D videos and CRT monitors.

Are there any requirements? Just like any plugin, there are certain requirements that your computer should have before you get the program. First off, your computer should have a Mozilla Firefox browser in order for the plugin to work. Also, your operation system should be either Windows Vista or Windows 7. You also need to have a Processor Intel CoreTM 2 Duo or an AMD AthlonTM X2 CPU. Your RAM should have a 1GB memory and a 100MB memory space.

How can one install the Plugin? If you want to get the plugin, you need to do the following guidelines: Visit the 3D Vision Live website to download the plugin, follow the given instructions to complete the downloading process. Once the downloading process is finished, click the “Install Components 3D” to start the installation. Wait for a few minutes until the process is done. You can now use the plugin.

You might be wondering how you can handle certain problems of the Plugin. Though the plugin may seem perfect in viewing 3D videos, it still has some flaws. One of the major problems is it crashes while viewing the video. Another problem is it slows down the browser. If you experience those problems, you don’t need to worry as it can be fixed. To eliminate those problems, you need to make sure that you have enough RAM installed in your computer. You also need to make sure that the plugin should be compatible with the operating system. The only systems that could run this plugin are the Windows Vista and Windows 7. So if you are using lower or higher versions of Windows, then this one is not for you.

If you don’t like to use the plugin anymore, you can uninstall it. Just go to the Control Panel and choose the “Uninstall a Program.” Search for the plugin and double-click on the icon to start uninstalling the program. Wait for a few seconds and the program is out of the system.
In conclusion, the NVIDIA 3D Vision plugin is an ideal software for viewing 3D videos.   However, you need to have enough RAM so that the plugin will run smoothly.

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