Display hidden results on Google Search with Google Unlocked

Google Unlocked is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that displays hidden results on Google Search automatically.

Google hides results from Google Search when it receives DMCA complaints. The company does not just remove results with DMCA complaints from Google Search but adds information to search results pages to inform users of Google Search about it.

Users may follow these links to look up information and the links that Google removed from its search results pages.

Google Unlocked

google search dmca results

Google Unlocked automates the process. The browser extension displays removed links at the end of the search results page so that you may access these directly.

The extension lists links that Google removed because it received complaints. The links lack titles which makes it difficult sometimes to find out more about the page without visiting it. A click on a link opens the result directly in the browser of choice. Note that some of these links may no longer work.

Google Unlocked is an open source extension that is available on the Chrome Web Store and Mozilla AMO. It should work in other Chromium-based and Firefox-based browsers such as Opera or Vivaldi (not tested).

The extension parses the pages the DMCA notices get published on and adds any link that it finds on the page to the search results. You can check out the source code to find out more about the process.

Who is this for?

Google Unlocked restores unfiltered Google results, at least when it comes to DCMA-based changes to the results. Many of the filtered results point to sites where users may download files or stream media, but some may also point to pages removed in error from the results.

Some may find the lack of page titles or options to open a cached copy of a page problematic; this is not the fault of the extension, however, as it can only return what is provided on the DCMA notices web pages.

It is worth a try if you find yourself clicking through to the notices page regularly or just want unfiltered results when it comes to DCMA notices and removed results.

Now You: How do you handle search result pages with removed links?

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