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Firefox 51: new Search Restore feature

Mozilla plans to launch a new search reset feature in Firefox 51 that enables users to restore the default search engine should the need arise.

Firefox users who want to reset the browser’s main search engine to the default — which is different based on which country they come from — can do so in the preferences of the browser.

All that needs to be done is to load about:preferences#search in the Firefox address bar, and click on the “restore default search engines” button on the page.

This resets the search engine used when running searches in the browser. While the option is useful as it is, the feature is somewhat hidden in the preferences.

Firefox 51: new Search Reset feature

firefox restore search settings

Mozilla plans to introduce a new search reset interface in Firefox 51. Please note that the feature itself or the target version of Firefox may change as it is still in active development.

Firefox users who run a development version of the browser that is at version 51 or newer, may access the feature already.

All that needs to be done is load about:searchreset in the browser’s address bar. The “Restore your search settings” page opens highlighting what will happen when you proceed with the reset.

The page lists the search engine that Firefox’s default search engine will be reset to, and that you may change the setting again from the settings page.

That settings page is linked on the screen which means that you may go there to change the default engine as well.

Firefox will reset the search engine that it uses when you select “change search engine”. Nothing is modified when you close the page without clicking on the button, or when you select the “don’t change” button instead.

browser search reset

The feature is controlled by the preference If the feature is not enabled yet on your computer, you may want to check it to see if the preference exists, and if it has the right value.

  1. Load about:config in the Firefox address bar.
  2. Confirm that you will be careful if the warning prompt appears.
  3. Search for
  4. If the value is set to true, it is enabled.
  5. If it is set to false, it is disabled.

Closing Words

The main advantages that the new search restore feature has in Firefox is that it provides users with information on the search engine that the browser will be used by the browser when the reset feature is used, and that it won’t touch any of the other installed or removed search engines.

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