Firefox 56: new preferences and Ghacks user.js changes

Mozilla released Firefox 56 to the release channel a couple of days ago, and this overview provides you with information on new, updated, and removed changes made to the Ghacks user.js file.

The Ghacks user.js file for Firefox is a configuration file for Firefox that you use to control settings of Firefox. Its focus is on privacy and security, and it is without doubt the most comprehensive configuration file and source of information that is out there.

You may head over to the official project website on GitHub, and if you are new, you may want to start with this excellent overview.

Note: The user.js file is intended as a template that you use to improve privacy and security of Firefox. The intention is not to copy it directly to your Firefox profile directory without going through the listing first. It contains lots of comments and links that explain what settings do.

I’d like to thank Pants, Earthling and all the other contributors who maintain the Ghacks user.js file.

Firefox 56: Ghacks user.js changes

firefox 56 changes user.js

Tip: the full list of settings changes of Firefox 56.0 compared to Firefox 55.0 is available as well. Earthling recorded 150 diffs in total, with 91 of them being new, 28 being removed, and 31 changed.

Key points:

  • The preference privacy.resistFingerprinting makes some preferences obsolete. This have been moved to the new section 4600 so that ESR users and others can still set them.
  • TLS/SSL ciphers are no longer disabled by default.

New preferences in Ghacks user.js for Firefox 56:

user_pref(“extensions.formautofill.available”, “off”);
user_pref(“extensions.formautofill.creditCards.enabled”, false);
user_pref(“extensions.getAddons.showPane”, false);
user_pref(“intl.regional_prefs.use_os_locales”, false);
user_pref(“security.data_uri.block_toplevel_data_uri_navigations”, true);
user_pref(“toolkit.telemetry.updatePing.enabled”, false);

//user_pref(“browser.stopReloadAnimation.enabled”, true);
//user_pref(“privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager”, true);

user_pref(“extensions.webservice.discoverURL”, “”); // 55alpha: “”
//user_pref(“general.platform.override”, “Win64”); // 55alpha: “Win32”
//user_pref(“general.useragent.override”, “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0”); // 55alpha: “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:45.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/45.0”

Preferences that are commented (may need to reset on about:config if you have set them before)

//user_pref(“dom.indexedDB.enabled”, false);
//user_pref(“dom.presentation.controller.enabled”, false);
//user_pref(“dom.presentation.discoverable”, false);
//user_pref(“dom.presentation.discovery.enabled”, false);
//user_pref(“dom.presentation.enabled”, false);
//user_pref(“dom.presentation.receiver.enabled”, false);
//user_pref(“dom.presentation.session_transport.data_channel.enable”, false);
//user_pref(“dom.vr.enabled”, false);
//user_pref(“dom.w3c_touch_events.enabled”, 0);
//user_pref(“”, “Lucida Console”);
//user_pref(“”, “Lucida Console”);
//user_pref(“”, “Arial”);
//user_pref(“”, “Arial”);
//user_pref(“”, “Georgia”);
//user_pref(“”, “Georgia”);
//user_pref(“gfx.direct2d.disabled”, true);
//user_pref(“media.mediasource.enabled”, false); // previously active with value: true
//user_pref(“media.mediasource.mp4.enabled”, false); // previously active with value: true
//user_pref(“”, false); // previously active with value: true
//user_pref(“media.mediasource.webm.enabled”, false); // previously active with value: true
//user_pref(“security.ssl3.dhe_rsa_aes_128_sha”, false);
//user_pref(“security.ssl3.dhe_rsa_aes_256_sha”, false);
//user_pref(“security.ssl3.ecdhe_ecdsa_aes_128_sha”, false);
//user_pref(“security.ssl3.ecdhe_rsa_aes_128_sha”, false);
//user_pref(“security.ssl3.rsa_des_ede3_sha”, false);

Preferences moved to new 4600 section (redundant because of privacy.resistFingerprinting)

user_pref(“browser.zoom.siteSpecific”, false);
// user_pref(“device.sensors.enabled”, false); // active in 55alpha
user_pref(“dom.enable_performance”, false);
user_pref(“dom.enable_resource_timing”, false);
// user_pref(“dom.gamepad.enabled”, false); // active in 55alpha
// user_pref(“dom.maxHardwareConcurrency”, 2);
user_pref(“dom.netinfo.enabled”, false);
user_pref(“geo.enabled”, false);
user_pref(“geo.wifi.logging.enabled”, false);
user_pref(“geo.wifi.uri”, “”);
user_pref(“geo.wifi.xhr.timeout”, 1);
user_pref(“media.webspeech.recognition.enable”, false);
user_pref(“media.webspeech.synth.enabled”, false);

Preferences deprecated


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