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Firefox 59.0.2 release information

Mozilla released Firefox 59.0.2 to the stable release channel on March 26, 2018 for all supported operating systems.

The new version of the web browser includes security fixes and patches for several issues affecting users of the application.

Firefox 59.0.2 is available via the web browser’s integrated updating system and as a standalone download from Mozilla.

Select Menu > Help > About Firefox to run a manual check for updates from within the browser. Firefox will pick up the new version, and download and install it automatically on the device.

Firefox 59.0.2 is the third Firefox release in March. Mozilla released Firefox 59.0 to the stable channel on March 13 and the security update Firefox 59.0.1 only three days later.

Firefox 59.0.2: What is new

firefox 59.0.2

The new version of the Firefox web browser includes several bug fixes for issues. The following issues have been resolved in the new version:

  • Intermittent crashes for Firefox users who cancel a print job around completion time.  (Bug 1441598)
  • Random browser crashes on Windows 7 systems with third-party software that tries to interact with the browser using accessibility services. Mozilla notes that Sticky Password and Windows 7 touch screen are known to cause this. (Bug 1424505)
  • High CPU usage and memory filling up on systems caused by incompatibilities with third-party software. (Bug 1446280)
  • Page rendering issues with hardware acceleration enabled.  (Bug 1435472)
  • The shortcut Ctrl-C to copy content to the Clipboard fails on sites that run scripts to interact with the shortcut if the resistFingerprinting preference is enabled. (Bug 1433592)
  • Reload button is disabled on Preferences > Network Proxy > Settings on systems with automatic proxy configuration URL functionality enabled. (Bug 1445991)
  • Video chat apps refuse to work or are mute automatically on DragonFly, FreeBSD, NetBSD or OpenBSD. (Bug 1444074)
  •  Service Worker Response issues with URL Fragment Identifiers. (Bug 1443850)
  • Use after-free security vulnerability that Mozilla rated as high, the second highest rating after critical.

Firefox users who run Firefox 59.0 or Firefox 59.0.1 should consider upgrading the browser to the latest version. Users affected by any issue may want to do so as early as possible, but since the new release includes a security patch, it is recommended that all users run the update asap on the stable release channel.

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