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Firefox 61.0.1 release information

Mozilla released Firefox 61.0.1 to the Stable release channel of the Firefox web browser today. The new version of Firefox fixes a number of bugs and comes with some improvements as well.

The organization released Firefox 61 to the Stable channel in June. The new version of Firefox patched several security issues, added a notification when the homepage is changed by add-ons, and enabled Tab Warming which speeds up the tab switching process in the browser.

Some users ran into secure connection failed errors after upgrading to Firefox 61 but those seem to have been fixed by now.

Firefox 61.0.1

firefox 61.0.1

Firefox 61.0.1 is already available through the web browser’s automatic update functionality. Just select Menu > Help > About Firefox to display the current version of the browser and have it run a manual check for updates.

You can download and install the new version right then and there, or, if you prefer it, download it from Mozilla’s official website instead. Note that automatic updates sends only changed data whereas the download on Mozilla’s website downloads the entire browser.

The new version fixed a long-standing issue that I experienced personally in the past. The Home tab of the preferences did not list all available options; Firefox 61.0.1 fixes this so that you should see all available options there and on the New Tab Page as well.

The Firefox 61.0.1 release notes list the following changes next to that.

  • File downloads on FTP resources that are linked on HTTP pages can be downloaded again by using Save Link As. Mozilla blocked FTP subresources on HTTP pages in Firefox 61.
  • Chinese users with accessibility features enabled experienced broken websites; this has been resolved.
  • Bookmarks may have been lost “under rare circumstances” when upgrading from Firefox 60.
  • Web pages that are in focus won’t lose it when browser popups are opened.
  • Fixed downloads of files without file extensions on Windows (which threw the error fileExtension is null previously).
  • Addressed an issue where extensions could not override the default homepage.

Mozilla Firefox 61.0.1 improves 1080p streams on Twitch. Users experienced second-long freezes when playing 1080p video streams on Twitch and the update should resolve those.

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