Firefox 65.0 Release Information

Mozilla Firefox 65.0’s release date is January 29, 2019; this is the first major release of the web browser in 2019.

Our release information series informs you about major changes in Firefox 65.0. We cover security information, new and removed features, developer changes, changes to the Android version, and known issues.

All Firefox versions get updated around the same time: Firefox Stable is updated from 64.0 to 65.0, Firefox Beta to 66.0, Firefox Nightly to 67.0, and Firefox ESR, the extended support release, to version 60.5.

Tip: Check out our coverage of the Firefox 64.0 release here in case you missed it.

Executive Summary

Firefox 65.0 download and update

firefox 65.0

Firefox 65.0 is offered through the browser’s automatic update system. Firefox checks for updates regularly by default and will download these automatically if discovered.

You can run a manual check for updates by selecting Menu > Help > Check for updates. Firefox users who prefer to download releases manually can follow the links below to do so.

Firefox 65.0 Changes

Tracking Protection enhancements

content blocking

Mozilla improved the built-in tracking protection further. A click on the site information icon — the i-icon displayed on the left of the web address — highlights the level of content blocking and elements that Firefox detected on the site.

A click on one of the arrow icons next to a detected content type, e.g. cookies, displays all that Firefox detected.

The content blocking settings in the Firefox preferences have changed as well. You can open these settings manually by loading about:preferences#privacy in the browser’s address bar or by following links in the site information panel.

firefox content blocking

Firefox supports the content settings standard, strict and custom. Standard blocks known trackers only in private windows. You may switch that to strict to block all trackers that Firefox detects.

Mozilla notes that this may break some sites. The third option, custom, gives you more control over the blocking. Use it to define tracker and cookie blocking in detail, e.g. to block cookies from sites not visited or third-party trackers.

Interface Language updates

firefox interface language

It is finally easier to switch the interface language. Firefox displays the currently configured language used to display interface elements in the browser. The new menu offers options to set alternatives right from within the Firefox web browser.

Any language added this way may be set as the default interface language. It is no longer necessary to download interface packs or re-install Firefox using a different language version manually.

Firefox will download language packs automatically when you select new languages using the language options.

Visit about:preferences#general in the browser and scroll down to the language section on the page to modify language settings.

Other changes

  • Firefox supports Handoff on Mac OS X, an option to continue browsing sessions on different devices.
  • Firefox supports the open media codec AV1. Check out our initial article on AV1 in Firefox and Chrome here for additional details.
  • Firefox supports the WebP image format which promises lower image sizes without impacting the quality of images.
  • The about:performance page — known as Firefox’s Task Manager — displays memory readings next to energy impact information in Firefox 65.0.
  • Improved the popup blocker to block the creation of multiple popup windows by sites at the same time.
  • Firefox will display warnings if you are about to close a window even if you have session restore enabled.
  • Security improvements for Firefox on Mac OS X, Linux, and Android thanks to “stronger stack smashing protection”.

Firefox 65.0 known issues

  • None listed

Developer Changes

  • Flexbox Inspector is enabled by default.
  • Headers tab of the Network Monitor displays the Referrer Policy.
  • Readable Streams and Storage Access APIs enabled by default.
  • WebSockets over HTTP/2 implemented.

Firefox 65.0 for Android

Mozilla is working on a new browser for Android. The list of changes in the current mobile browser is relatively short because of that:

  • Improved scrolling performance. Mozilla states that scrolling should be faster and more responsive.
  • WebP image format compatibility and performance improvements.
  • Chromecast controls restored in the location bar.

Security updates / fixes

Mozilla announces these some time after the release of the new stable version. We will update the guide once the information is published.


The next major Firefox release is scheduled for March 19, 2019. It is quite possible that we will see one or two minor releases that address issues before March 19.

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