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Firefox: copy multiple text bits at once

Text MultiCopy is a free browser add-on for the Firefox web browser that enables you to copy multiple bits of text at once to the Clipboard.

If you copy and paste regularly throughout the workday, you may have run into situations where you needed to copy multiple parts of an article to paste them somewhere else.

If you use Windows, you would have to run multiple copy and paste jobs to add all information to the destination. While you may use Clipboard Managers like Clipboard MasterShapeShifter, or Clipboard Help+Spell instead for that, as they enable you to copy multiple items without losing information, there is also Text MultiCopy for Firefox that you may use provided that the copying happens in the web browser.

Text MultiCopy

text multicopy

Here is how it works: Text MultiCopy uses a buffer to store text bits that you copy in the Firefox browser. This is different from the default behavior, and enables you to select multiple text bits that you want to copy to a new location.

Once you have copied all the text that you require, you select to copy them all to the Clipboard of the operating system. The different text bits are concatenated, and you may then paste the data to any other application.

The output includes the URL of pages text was copied from, and separates each entry with a divider.

firefox multi copy

You may change some of that in the add-on’s preferences.

  1. Add URL defines whether the page URL is added to the copy job automatically, or not.
  2. URL Wrapper defines how source URLS are wrapped, and you may set start and end individually here.
  3. Divider defines the divider that separates individual copy jobs.

The URL Wrapper is limited right now when it comes to the maximum number of characters. This means that you cannot add code to the URL automatically.

The browser add-on for Firefox remembers the copied data across sessions, but erases what it has stored in its buffer when you copy the data to the clipboard.

It supports Internet sites and local sites, supports UTF-8 text in any language, and will display notifications whenever you copy text or paste text to the clipboard. This cannot be disabled right now unfortunately.

The author of the extension has turned it into a WebExtension recently, While that is good when it comes to long-term support, it means short.term at least that some features of the old version are not supported in the new. There is no keyboard shortcut support right now for instance.

Closing Words

Text MultiCopy is a handy browser add-on for the Firefox browser. While specialized in what it does, it may be useful to Firefox users who copy and paste regularly throughout the day.

Now You: How do you handle multiple copy and paste jobs?

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