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Firelux brings f.lux functionality to Firefox

Firelux is a brand new add-on for the Firefox web browser that brings f.lux like functionality that adapts the color of the screen to the time of day to Firefox.

The main idea behind f.lux and comparable programs is to improve the computer screen when it is dark outside by adjusting the color of the screen at night to be warmer.

Not only is this more pleasing to the eye, it apparently helps people who work on the computer until late at night better.

In fact, Apple just launched a new feature in iOS 9.3 called Night Shift that does the same on Apple devices running the new version of the operating system.


The browser extensions has been designed with simplicity in mind. It adds an icon to Firefox’s main toolbar by default which you can click on to display all color profiles currently provided.


A click on any of the profiles changes the color accordingly and instantly. Six color profiles are available by default as well as an option to select a custom color by selecting it, entering hex values or color codes.

You may furthermore change the intensity of the filter from the default setting of 30%, and enable automatic color changing.

When you check the “change automatically” box, you get to set sunrise and sunset times manually which the extension will use to change the temperature automatically from that moment on provided Firefox is running.

As you can see on the screenshot above, Firelix will change the color of the actual web page only but no the browser chrome.

Neither the titelbar, tab bar or address bar are modified in any way by the extension.

You may notice a slight delay during page load where the original color of the page is displayed before the filter is applied by Firelux.

Closing Words

If you use Firefox all the time, preferably fullscreen, then you may find the extension useful. Also, since it does not interfere with other programs you may run on your system, you can ensure that these programs display colors correctly which may be useful for graphic designers, photographers and anyone else working with colors on the system.

For most users, a program like F.luxrecently released for Android — is probably the better option as it offers more options such as gradual color changes or adjustments based on the time of year.

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