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First look at Firefox Lockbox for Android

Firefox Lockbox is a new password manager for Android by Firefox-maker Mozilla designed to provide Firefox Account users with easy access to saved passwords.

Firefox Lockbox is not a typical password manager. While it shares some functionality with apps like LastPass or Bitwarden, it is more restrictive when it comes to the functionality it provides.

Mozilla launched Firefox Lockbox for Apple’s iOS operating system in 2018 already, and an alpha extension for desktop Firefox browsers in late 2017.

Basically, what it does is make available passwords saved by a Firefox Account. Setup is quite easy: all you do is install the Firefox Lockbox application on your Android device and run it after the installation completes.

Tap on get started, and sign in to a Firefox Account. Firefox Lockbox syncs all stored passwords automatically and displays all in list form in the interface.

firefox lockbox

Tip: You may want to disable the sending of usage data in the Settings.

You can copy the username or password, or open the linked URL.  The app locks itself automatically after five minutes, and you may enable auto fill to let Firefox Lockbox fill in logins automatically if the app supports that.

Firefox Lockbox does not support any password management options. You cannot create new password entries, edit existing entries, or access other information that may be attached to a record.

Who is this for?

Firefox Lockbox displays Firefox Account passwords in a separate application on Android; this is not really that useful on first glance as most Firefox users probably have the browser installed on the Android device as well. They could simply open Firefox and copy the saved username or password from the browser instead.

Autologin functionality is what differentiates Firefox Lockbox from using Firefox for that. Users need to enable it, on the other hand. Firefox Lockbox locks itself automatically which is another differentiating factor.  Whether that is enough to justify the installation remains to be seen, especially since it is easy enough to open Firefox if installed on the device to access the passwords that way.

Closing Words

Firefox Lockbox is a specialized application to access saved usernames and passwords of a Firefox Account, and to sign in to applications on the mobile device using stored passwords. The app cannot be used without a Firefox Account or an instance of Firefox, and provides a read-only view of the data.

Now You: What is your take on Firefox Lockbox?

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