Give your Firefox bookmarks the Tinder treatment

Keep or Delete Bookmarks is a Firefox add-on by Sören Hentzschel designed to bring order to the browser’s bookmarks in a playful way.

Instead of just going through long lists of bookmarks one by one to determine whether individual bookmarks should be kept or removed, it uses the same approach that dating service Tinder users to present items to users.

Keep or Delete Bookmarks

Keep or Delete Bookmarks displays one bookmark on the screen at a time and it is up to the user to determine whether to keep it or to delete it. Those two options are not the only ones though, as you can just skip the bookmark without making a decision.

keep delete bookmarks

Here is how Keep or Delete Bookmarks works in detail. The extension requires Firefox 68 or newer according to the description on Mozilla’s AMO website. It requests two permissions, access browser tabs, and read and modify bookmarks, when it is installed.

The first permission requires some explanation, the second is self-explanatory. Sören notes on AMO that the “access browser tabs” permission is required to that the extension “can jump to the already opened user interface if the user interface is already opened in another tab and you click the button in the browser’s toolbar”.

Keep or Delete Bookmarks adds a new icon to the main toolbar of the Firefox browser. The extension’s interface launches when you click on that button.

The first bookmark (URL) and the folder it is stored in is displayed immediately on the screen. You find the action buttons below the bookmark. Besides selecting delete or keep, you may also skip to the next bookmark or click on open to open the bookmarked page in the browser to check it out before making a decision. Open loads the bookmark in a new tab page in the browser.

confirmation dialog delete bookmark

Keep or Delete Bookmarks displays a confirmation dialog by default when you select delete. If you don’t need these, e.g. to speed things up, you may disable the checks by toggling “enable confirmation dialogs” on the page.

All bookmarks that you select to keep when using the extension are moved to a whitelist. The main purpose of the whitelist is to prevent that these bookmarks are displayed to you again in the future.

Options to clear the entire whitelist or to remove individual entries are provided.

bookmarks whitelist

The whitelist page offers no option to go back which means that you need to use the browser’s back button or click on the extension icon again to open the main page.

Closing Words

Keep or Delete Bookmarks adds a playful way to go through the list of bookmarks to determine whether to keep or remove them in Firefox. The information that it presents for each bookmark is scarce; only the URL and bookmarks folder is displayed as information.

There is certainly room for improvement to display additional information to the user. A quick check to verify that the linked page exists could be a useful addition. A thumbnail image of the linked page, if available, or other information, e.g. the date the bookmark was added to the Firefox or last opened, could improve things further.

I’d also like to see an option to add individual bookmarks or folders to the whitelist right away.

It is a good start nevertheless and Sören will surely improve the extension in the future, and I will certainly adjust the rating accordingly.

Sören released another bookmarks extension for Firefox in 2017. Bookmarks Organizer, launched in 2017, checks bookmarks for errors and duplicates among other things.

Now You: Do you use bookmarks? How do you manage them?

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