Hide Web Comments by default with Comment Blocker for Firefox

Shut Up: Comment Blocker is a browser extension for the Firefox web browser that hides comments on the majority of websites that you visit.

The extension is based on a CSS style called shutup.css that hides comment sections by default. While you can use the CSS instead of the extension, using the extension has the advantage that you don’t have to add exceptions manually to the stylesheet and that it is easier to update and install.

The downside to using the extension is that you can’t add, edit, or remove styles from the Firefox extension while you can do so if you use the CSS directly. Also, if you don’t use Firefox or a compatible browser, you can’t use it obviously.

Installation and use

The installation of the Firefox extension is a straightforward process. Note that it requires access to all sites you visit so that the comment sections on these sites can be manipulated.

hide comments

You will notice right after installation that the extension hides comment sections by default. All comment sections, or more precisely those that match CSS rules, are not visible anymore on sites you visit.

Here on Ghacks for instance, you will notice that the comment section is gone from view. There may still be indicators that comments exist such as the comment count at the top of each page on the site but that is not the case for all sites that you visit.

A click on the icon that the extension adds to the browser’s toolbar toggles comments on the active page; the icon changes to visualizes whether comments are shown or not.

show comments

The toggling of the visibility of comments happens instantly and without page reloads or other loading activity.

A quick check of the CSS stylesheet revealed that it included generic rules and specific rules for individual sites. Sites covered include Instagram, Steam, Patreon, Twitch Chat, VK, ZDnet, PC World, or Reddit.

The instructions cover default WordPress comment sections and comment sections of other popular CMS systems used on today’s Internet.

A big issue

The comment hiding works well and automatically. The extension remembers sites that you enabled comments on and will show them on future visits by default. The one issue that users may have with the extension is that there is no indicator whether comments are available.

While some sites display the comment count elsewhere, it is quite possible that you may not even realize that comments are available on some pages. Again, not a problem if you dislike comments in general, but if you do find them useful sometimes, or want to check out a site’s comment section on first visit, you better hit the extension button to find out if comments exist.

Closing Words

Shut Up: Comment Blocker is a useful browser extension for users who don’t want to see comments on websites that they visit. The option to toggle comments is there so that it may also be useful to users who don’t want to see comments on most sites but on some that they visit.

Now You: Do you read comments usually on the sites you visit?

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