How to bookmark multiple tabs in Firefox 64+

Firefox 64 was released this week; the release brought along with it a number of changes including support for multi-tab operations.

Firefox users can Shift-click or Ctrl-click on tabs in the browser’s tabbar to select multiple; operations like pinning, closing, or moving can then be executed on the tab stack.

Ctrl-click selects or deselects individual tabs; Shift-key on the other hand selects all tabs between the active tab and the selected tab. Both operations work similarly to how files can be selected in Windows Explorer and other file managers.

Firefox users who used the browser’s “Bookmark Tabs” functionality may have noticed that it is not listed anymore when only one tab is selected.

Only Bookmark Tab is available, and that option will add a bookmark that points to the active tab.

How do you bookmark multiple tabs then in Firefox 64 or newer? Simple: by selecting multiple tabs.

firefox tab stacks multiple tabs

Just Shift-click or Ctrl-click to select multiple tabs. Firefox indicates selected tabs with a colored line on top of the tab so that you know exactly which tabs are in the selected tab stack and which are not.

Right-click on the selection afterward and you find the “Bookmark Tabs” option listed there. Select it and the “add bookmark” dialog is displayed in Firefox to bookmark them all.

Select a folder name for the selection and a location for the folder to add the bookmarks to the Firefox browser.

add bookmarks firefox

Previous versions of Firefox provided an option to bookmark all tabs of a window; how do you do that in Firefox 64?

You have two options to do so:

  1. Right-click on any tab in the browser and activate “Select All Tabs” from the context menu. Right-click again afterward and select “Bookmark Tabs” from the context menu.
  2. Select the first tab in the tabbar, hold down the Shift-key, and left-click on the last tab; this selects all tabs. Right-click on the selection and use the Bookmark Tabs option to bookmark all open tabs at once.

Now You: Do you use bookmarks regularly? (via Techdows)

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