How to import Bookmarks, Passwords and other data to Firefox

When you run the Firefox web browser on a desktop system for the first time, you are prompted to import browsing data from other browsers.

You may import bookmarks, passwords, and other data from browsers such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, and it makes sense to do so if you used one of these browsers before, or are still using them but want to use Firefox as well.

While you get the option to import data during first run, it gets a little bit complicated if you want to import data after you ran Firefox for a while.

The Firefox options, and the menu bar, don’t list an option to import data, and you may spend some time searching for a way to import browsing data from other browsers.

This guide walks you through the process of importing bookmarks, passwords and other browsing data from web browsers after installation and first run of Firefox.

How to import Bookmarks, Passwords and other data to Firefox

firefox import bookmarks passwords

Launch the Firefox web browser if you have not done so already. You have two main options now. Either use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-B on Windows and Linux, or Command-Shift-B on Mac OS X to open the Bookmarks Manager, or tap on the Alt-key on the keyboard to display the menu bar, and select Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks this way.

This opens the Bookmarks Manager of the Firefox library. Mozilla added import and export options to the library. While you open the bookmarks management interface, you get options to import other browsing data in the library as well.

Firefox opens the bookmarks by default. The browser displays bookmarks, the browsing history and downloads in the library.

Locate the import and backup link at the top of the interface (check the screenshot above if you have difficulties locating it), and there the “import data from another browser” option.

firefox import data from another browser

Note: The option is grayed out if you are in private browsing mode currently.

This opens the import wizard in a new window. Firefox lists browsers that you can import data from on the next screen. It supports Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Chromium.

firefox import wizard

You may import the following data from supported web browsers:

  • Cookies — Browser cookies set by websites and services during browser use.
  • Browsing History — The history of sites and services that you accessed in the selected browser.
  • Saved Passwords — Any authentication information saved in the browser.
  • Bookmarks (Favorites) — All saved bookmarked.

Firefox displays all items that you may import on the next screen, and may hide an item if it cannot find it or if it does not exist (e.g. no bookmarks option).

You can select some or all of them. Once you have made the choice select next to continue with the process.

firefox items to import

The browser displays a success (or failure) message afterwards. The only option you have on the screen is to click on finish to close the window.

firefox import complete

You should see the imported items afterwards in the browser. Bookmarks are listed in the bookmarks manager, the browsing history is there, and both will be suggested when you type in the address bar.

Passwords are automatically filled out or suggested if you have imported those as well. Cookies finally sign you in automatically on sites, and may also provide you with other functionality.

Tip: You can use the Backup and Import option of Firefox to backup and restore Firefox bookmarks, and to import and export HTML bookmarks independently of the import option.

The following options are provided:

  • Backup — This backs up all Firefox bookmarks as a json file. You may use this primarily to import the bookmarks to another Firefox installation or profile.
  • Restore — This restores a json bookmarks file in the Firefox browser.
  • Import Bookmarks from HTML — Imports a bookmarks file that is stored in a HTML document. Most web browser support the exporting of bookmarks to HTML files.
  • Export Bookmarks from HTML — This exports the current set of bookmarks of Firefox to a HTML file.

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