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How to Remove Current Version Plugin Google Update

Detailed Guide About How to Remove Current Version Plugin Google Update – The current version plugin is now well known for all and also the mysterious plugins that you may find in the plugins listings of the Firefox web browser without really knowing what does it work and how it installed in your browser.


Here I am going to tell you about current version plugin google update and how to uninstall it. You can also learn about how to remove this plugin easily. You can disable this or uninstalled it completely.
Google updates get installed with a variety of Google programs on Windows. The Google Chrome browser is the best example, having various tools like Google Earth that also contains the plugin on the system. Now have a look the process How to Remove Current Version Plugin Google Update from your system or how to uninstall it.

Google is capable of distinguishing between Google Updater (GoogleUpdater.exe) which get installed during the installation of Google Pack and Google Earth.

How To Remove Current Version plugin Google Update

Google update is for updating your browser on a regular basis and make it compatible with the newer versions of any of the Google services. It is possible to remove the plugin easily. Just follow the steps for removing the plugin.
Step 1:
Launch the Firefox browser.
Step 2:
After launching the browser type “about:config” in your browser and then press “Enter.”


Step 3:
To do move further you have to check on the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” After checking on this you will go to the Firefox config window.


Step 4:
Type “plug” in the “Search Box” and press on the “Enter” button.


Step 5:
After the completion of step 4, type “about:plugins” in a Firefox browser address bar. In this window you will find the list of all the plugins installed on your browser. You will also be able to find the path addresses. It will show the locations on your computers where plugins are stored.


Step 6:

Now select, right click and copy the Google Update plugin directory path. If the plugin directory path to the Google Update plugin on your computer is following:
Then select and copy C:Users2015AppDataLocalGoogleUpdate1.3.21.111.
Do not include “npGoogleUpdate3.dll.”

About-plugins.dll file
About-plugins.dll file

Step 7:

Now click on the “Start” icon located at the bottom-left corner on your computer. Now click on “Computer” windows explorer will open.


Step 8:

Now paste the plugin path name in the Windows Explorer address bar. Press Enter, and this will show you the fold where the Google update plugin is situated which will be in the form of .dll.


Step 9:

Now locate the plugin file in the folder and delete it.


This was all about the removing the current version plugin of Google Update from firefox. If you have any query regarding the post or you find it useful then please mention this in the comments.

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