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Improve Cookie Whitelisting in Firefox

Keep Until Closed is a brand new browser add-on for the Firefox web browser that improves the whitelisting of cookies in the web browser.

Mozilla removed one cookie related option with Firefox 44. Previously, Firefox users were able to select ask me every time in regards to cookie handling in the browser.

What that meant, basically, was that Firefox displayed prompts for cookies that sites tried to access giving users options to allow a cookie for the session, or to allow or block it permanently by adding it to Firefox’s exceptions list.

With the option removed from the web browser, Firefox users can only select to keep cookies until they expire (they have an expiration date that the site sets), or until the browser is closed.

Whitelisted cookies are protected from that setting so that they remain set. This is useful for sites that you sign in as you won’t be asked to log in again the next time you open the site.

Keep Until Closed

allow cookies

Keep Until Closed has been designed to make the whitelisting of sites in regards to cookies easier.  The add-on adds an icon to Firefox’s toolbar that you can click on to add the current site to the cookie whitelist.

Once you have done so, cookies that it sets are protected from removal as defined by the “keep until” setting in the Firefox options.

The add-on tries to improve the handling if Firefox is configured to delete all cookies on close or set to disallow cookies.

Basically, it lets you add sites that require cookies for functionality or convenience to the whitelist so that they are accepted and not deleted by Firefox. You can remove sites from the whitelist again with another click on the icon.

The icon indicates whether cookies are whitelisted currently. If it is colorful, cookies are whitelisted while a grayish color indicates that they are not.

While that does not come close to “ask me every time”, it may be the next best thing when it comes to cookie handling as you don’t need to juggle between the cookie exceptions listing and active sites all the time anymore.

firefox cookies

One more thing, Firefox is configured by default to remember the browsing history (which includes cookies). You need to do the following to get better options in regards to the browsing history:

  1. Load about:preferences#privacy in the browser’s address bar and hit enter.
  2. Locate the History section on the page, and switch from “Remember History” to “Use custom settings for history” instead.
  3. This displays, among other things, cookie handling options. You can block all cookies, block third-party cookies, change cookie retention preferences, and add cookies to the whitelist or blacklist.

Now You: How do you handle cookies in your browser of choice?

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