June’s Featured Extensions

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Pick of the Month: Tabliss

by tabliss.io
Enjoy a gorgeous new tab page with customizable background images and many informational widgets to choose from, like local weather, date/time, bookmarks, and more.

“Wow. Absolutely stunning without the need for advanced user input to make it stunning.”

Featured: View Page Archive & Cache

by Armin Sebastian
Find archived and cached versions of older web pages with the help of multiple search engines, like Wayback Machine, Google Cache, Bing Cache, and others.

“Outstanding! Often have to search multiple sites for cached pages. Very useful time-saver for me. Thank you!”

Featured: Share Backported

by Daniele Mte90 Scasciafratte
Older versions of Firefox included a social media ‘share’ button in the Toolbar. This extension brings it back to its original glory.

“Beautifully implemented!”

If you’d like to nominate an extension for featuring, please send it to amo-featured [at] mozilla [dot] org for the board’s consideration. We welcome you to submit your own add-on!

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