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Mozilla postpones Firefox 49 release

Mozilla plans to postpone the release of Firefox 49, the next stable version of the web browser, by a week to fix two so-called blocker bugs.

Firefox 49 was scheduled to be released on September 13, 2016 initially which would update all stable versions of the web browser to the new release on that day.

The organization is fixing two blocker bugs currently that prevent it from releasing Firefox 49 in time.

The two blocker bugs in question address issues when loading Giphly embeds on Twitter, and slow script / unresponsive script dialogs in Firefox when resuming Firefox.

Bug 1301138 —  Clicking on a Giphly embed in Twitter loads about:blank — highlights the first issue that blocks the release of Firefox 49.

Basically, what happens is that clicks on embeds don’t display the media on a new page but a blank page. I followed the instructions outlined by the user who reported the bug, and you may too.

Visit this Twitter message page, click on the embed to load it, and then again on the embed to open the website it was posted on.

firefox 49 postponed twitter

According to the bug report, the website should come up empty. This is indeed the case in the latest Firefox Beta release version (which will be the next Firefox Stable version). Things do work fine though if you follow the instructions in Firefox Stable 48.0.2.

Bug 1284511 — Slow script/Unresponsive Script dialogs appear frequently when resuming app — looked like an Android issue at first, but reports came in that it affected desktop versions of Firefox as well.

The user who reported the issue noticed slow script dialogues when switching back to Firefox on Android after working with other applications on the device. At least one user stated that he saw the issue come up after leaving sleep mode on a Windows 10 laptop and opening Firefox.

Mozilla needs to collect “several days of telemetry data” to analyze and fix the issue.

If things go well, Firefox 49 will be released on September 20, 2016. The postponing of the release will have no impact on the release of Firefox 50 which is still scheduled for November 8, 2016. Firefox 50 will be the last feature release of 2016. Mozilla does plan to release Firefox 50.0.1 however on December 13, 2016. (via Sören)

Now You: Did you experience those issues in Firefox?

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