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Mozilla releases Firefox Lockwise (formerly Lockbox) add-on

Remember Firefox Lockbox, a password management solution designed to improve the built-in Firefox password manager? The service is still in active development but it is now called Firefox Lockwise instead.

Mozilla launched an alpha of Firefox Lockbox back in December 2017 as a Firefox add-on to test and improve password management and online security.

The organization released the Lockbox application for iOS in July 2018, and we took a first look at the Android Lockbox app in 2019 when it was released officially.

Firefox Lockwise

firefox lockwise

Firefox Lockwise is a password management solution that is available for iOS and Android devices, and now also as a Firefox add-on.

The Firefox web browser includes a password manager and users may use it to sync passwords between Firefox installations so that the passwords can be used in all Firefox installations.

Firefox Lockwise is an experimental solution that brings Firefox passwords to Android and iOS devices. The system uses Firefox Sync and requires a Firefox Account because of that.

The core differences between syncing Firefox passwords between Firefox installations on the desktop and on mobile, and Firefox Lockwise are that Lockwise supports global auto-fill of passwords on the mobile device, and that it comes without any editing options.

If things go well, Firefox Lockwise could replace the current password management solution that is built-in to the Firefox browser. For now, it is available as an extra that Firefox users need to install to use.

Please note that Lockwise does not work if a master password is set currently.

The Lockwise add-on for Firefox replaces the built-in password manager when you install it. When you launch the password manager in Firefox, you get the Lockwise interface instead of the classic interface.

The add-on adds an icon to the main Firefox toolbar that you may interact with. The frontend supports two main features currently:

  1. It highlights if logins are available for the active site so that you may use these to sign in.
  2. It features a search to find passwords.

You may copy username and password using the interface.

The password management options provide more options than the mobile Lockwise applications.

firefox lockwise firefox addon

You may use the interface to find, delete, copy, create, and edit passwords. All existing passwords are listed on the left; Lockwise picks up any passwords currently stored by Firefox automatically provided that a master password has not been set.

You may select any of these and edit or delete the data set. Other options include launching the linked web address, or copying the username or password to the clipboard of the operating system.

Passwords can only be typed manually, there is no option to generate a password based on certain parameters such as length or charset.

One difference to the built-in password manager is that Lockwise does not support any import options at the time.

Closing Words

Lockwise may replace the built-in password manager of the Firefox web browser eventually. For now, it is an option that users may install on their devices. Its main advantage right now is that it adds auto-fill on mobile devices that works system-wide, the disadvantage that it does not support master passwords or imports.

Now You: What would you like to see in Lockwise? (via Techdows)

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