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Never lose text input in Firefox again with Textarea Cache

Textarea Cache is a browser extension for the Firefox web browser that caches text input automatically so that you may recover it if the browser crashes or something else that is unforeseen happens.

Text that you type on the Internet may get lost under certain circumstances. Say you write a long comment on a blog and before you can hit submit, the browser crashes, the page reloads, or the submitting gets stuck somehow.

When you open the page again, you notice that your comment did not get posted and that your text is not available anymore. Your only recourse is to type the text again, or leave the site if you are too annoyed by the loss.

Textarea Cache

textarea cache

Textarea Cache is a caching extension for Firefox that caches text input automatically so that you may recover it at any time.

Ideal in situations in which text that you type becomes unavailable before it is posted on the site. You may also use it to save text that it is not ready for publication yet.

The extension requires access to all sites and browser tabs, and access to adding data to the clipboard. It adds an icon to the main toolbar of the browser that you interact with.

A click on the icon displays an URL selector at the top and the cached content below that. Just select one of the available URLs to display the cached text.

Buttons to copy the text, delete it, or delete all are provided at the bottom. If you experience a loss of text, you simply click on the extension icon, select the right URL, and then Copy to copy it to the clipboard.

You may then paste the copied text to the site again to complete the publication.


textarea cache options

Textarea Cache includes several options to customize the functionality. The following options are provided at the time of the review:

  • Add sites to the ignore list. Three sites, Google Docs Spreadsheets, Slack, and Messenger are listed there by default.
  • Enable the automatic clearing of cache content (days, hours, minutes).
  • Change the interval in which text is cached. The default is set to 2000 ms which is 2 seconds.
  • Various interface display options.
  • Skip confirm when pasting from context menu.

Closing Words

Textarea Cache is quite the handy extension for Firefox users who type medium to long texts regularly in the browser.

Now You: Did you lose text in the past in your browser of choice? What did you do?

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