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NoScript 10.1.2 update fixes major issues

The first WebExtensions version of NoScript arrived Sunday night, five days after the release of Firefox 57, the first WebExtensions exclusive version of the web browser.

The initial reception was not the greatest, with users criticizing the new user interface of the extension, and the lack of functionality.

While NoScript 10.x supports the blocking of connections, some features did not make it in the initial WebExtensions release because of missing APIs.

The new version of NoScript had some issues as well. It did not work in private browsing mode for instance, and nice to have features such as the options to temporarily allow all on the page were not available either.

Giorgio Maone released an update yesterday that addresses several of these issues. The update is already available on Mozilla AMO, and updates should be pushed out to user systems today. You can download and install the update from Mozilla AMO directly if you want to have it right away.

The new version of NoScript, NoScript 10.1.2 comes with several improvements and fixes.

noscript webextension update

The interface of the extension features two new buttons when you open it. One allows all connections temporarily on the active page, the other revokes these temporary permissions again.  This was a much requested feature, and it is finally available again.

If you used the previous version, you will notice that the display of connections has changed as well. NoScript 10.x shows base domains only in the connection dialog in order to “simplify things”.

You only get the base domain, e.g. and not subdomains listed there by default. This gives users less control in the UI, as it is now no longer possible to allow a subdomain in the UI.

Giorgio notes that you can still do so in the options, but that is hardly sufficient in my opinion. While the simplification may make it easier for inexperienced users, Giorgio should consider adding a preference to NoScript to restore the full frontend listing.

The new version of NoScript fixes several issues of the first WebExtensions release. NoScript 10.x will run in private browsing mode now for instance, and the user interface is usable in high contrast mode as well.

Other fixes include making sure that requests of other WebExtensions are not blocked, and that live bookmarks feeds are not blocked.

Last but not least, Giorgio fixed an issue which caused custom preset permissions affecting default permissions sometimes.

Closing Words

It is clear that NoScript 10.x is a work in progress, and that it will take time before the WebExtensions version of the add-on will match most of the functionality of the legacy add-on version.

The new version suffers from design decisions as well, for instance how the interface looks like and what options users get when they click on the NoScript icon.

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