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Opera GX Gaming Browser coming soon

Opera GX Gaming Browser is an upcoming web browser by Opera Software that the company unveiled some days ago.

The web browser has not been released yet but a page on the Opera website reveals its existence and highlights that it is coming soon.

The first browser built for your gaming setup is coming soon.
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Interested users may submit their email address to receive a notification when the first version of the web browser is released by Opera Software.

opera gx gaming browser

Opera Software reveals little about the new browser. Th interface resembles that of the Opera web browser to some degree only. It features the side panel and uses the same main toolbar layout with its squared tabs.

The side panel icons link to Extensions, History, and Settings. There is a new icon attached to the side panel that looks like a speed indicator found in benchmarks and tweaking applications.

The main toolbar lists a gamepad icon next to that. You can change the color of the interface using a slider on the Opera website; whether that is an indicator of functionality or not is unclear due to the lack of information.


Opera GX will certainly be based on Chromium code; all regular versions of the Opera browser are, and Opera Software knows the ins and outs of the browser well.

Opera Software might implement all sorts of optimizations in the browser to improve the gaming experience; these may range from the removal of features that impact CPU or memory, to speed and memory tweaks.

Gaming could also mean that Opera GX features new design options, as these are quite popular in certain gaming communities. Vivaldi launched a new version with Razer Chroma support recently, could Opera Software plan something similar?

Closing Words

Is a gaming browser really necessary? It is impossible to answer the question right now as we don’t know enough about Opera GX to come to a conclusion. The answer could be yes if Opera Software manages to optimize it in a way that users notice the difference.

Now You: What do you think about Opera GX?

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