Pale Moon 28.4.0 released: security and stability update

A new version of the desktop web browser Pale Moon was released today for all supported operating systems. Pale Moon 28.4.0 is a major development, stability, and security release according to the release notes.

The new release comes a month after the release of Pale Moon 28.3.0 and is the second major Pale Moon release of the year.

Existing Pale Moon users should get the new version automatically if the automatic updating system is turned on. A click on Pale Moon > Help > About Pale Moon > Check for Updates runs a manual check; Pale Moon should pick up the new version when you activate the option to download and install it over the existing installation.

The new version is also available on the Pale Moon website and you can install it over an existing version to upgrade or anew.

Pale Moon 28.4.0

pale moon 28.4.0

Even though Pale Moon 28.4.0 is listed as a major development release, its primary focus is on security and stability improvements.

Several known security vulnerabilities are addressed and fixed in the new browser version.The security issues CVE-2018-18506, CVE-2018-18356, CVE-2018-18335, and CVE-2019-5785 have been addressed in the new version.

The developers have implemented several defense in depth protections that harden the browser against potential exploits. These security improvements are implemented regularly in new versions of the web browser.

The new Pale Moon version addresses some video playback issues and uses the new ffmpeg decode API which should help with frame drops.

Advanced users get full control over TLS 1.3 cipher suite preferences on about:config; there it is possible to disable them individually.

Load about:config in the Pale Moon address bar to get started. Select that you will be careful, and search for security.tls13 to display the available suites. Double-click on any to toggle its value. A value of True means it is enabled and thus used by Pale Moon, a value of False that it is disabled and not used.

The remaining changes improve certain functionality, e.g. background processes, and therefore also stability of the web browser.

Check out the entire release notes of Pale Moon 28.4.0 here.

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