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Restore bookmark descriptions in Firefox with Bookmark Notes

Bookmark Notes is a new extension for the Firefox web browser that restores bookmark note taking functionality in the browser.

The first version of the extension is limited and not a 100% copy of the bookmarks description system that Mozilla Firefox before version 62 supported.

Mozilla removed bookmark descriptions in Firefox 62; more precise: bookmark descriptions are not displayed in the UI of Firefox anymore but they are still there. Users can still export descriptions but the option to do so will be removed in future versions.

For now, all it supports is the ability to add notes to bookmarks, store these notes, and even use sync to synchronize the data across devices.

Bookmark Notes

firefox bookmark notes

Installation of Bookmark Notes is straightforward. The extension requires two extra permissions: Bookmarks — which is self-explanatory — and Storage, which it uses to store notes and sync them across devices if Firefox Sync is used.

Bookmark Notes uses an independent system right now. There is no import of old bookmark descriptions and that is probably the main issue that many users will have with the extension. The author revealed however that imports may come in future versions which would certainly make the extension more useful to Firefox users who want to continue using bookmark descriptions they saved in the past.

The extension opens a sidebar with the list of existing bookmarks after installation. Use Alt-key > View > Sidebar > Bookmark Notes to display it whenever you need to if you don’t display it all the time.

The only option that you have right now is to left-click on a bookmark to add a note to it. A left-click on a bookmark opens the notes editor. Just type or paste text into the field and don’t forget to hit the save button to link the note to the bookmark and store it permanently in Firefox. You may edit existing notes as well at any time.

Bookmarks have blank notes associated with them by default; this is different from Firefox’s bookmark description feature which added default information to each new bookmark.

Since bookmark notes are stored locally they remain available when you open Firefox again and also on other Firefox devices if you use Firefox Sync.

Closing Words

Bookmark Notes is a promising add-on that could fill the gap left behind by the removal of bookmark descriptions in Firefox 62. If the author manages to include import options for existing descriptions, it would certain have more appeal to users who used the feature in the past.

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