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ScreenToGif screen recorder update brings usability improvements

ScreenToGif is a popular screen recorder for the Windows operating system designed to record part of the screen on Windows. The program’s name may suggest that it can save recordings as animated gif files only but that is not the case.

Ashwin reviewed ScreenToGif in July 2019 and I suggest you check out his review for an overview. Only this much: ScreenToGif is an easy to use screen recorder; all you need to do is download the portable or setup version of the program and run it directly or after installation.

The interface is streamlined for ease of use, and it takes just a handful of click to start a new recording. The application displays a frame on the screen that you may resize to adjust the recording area accordingly. The recording is loaded in the built-in editor which allows you to make light edits to the recording before saving it to the local system.

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One of the new features in the latest version of ScreenToGif is cursor following which moves the recording frame based on the position of the mouse. You had to move the recording area manually in previous versions if you wanted to record a different part of the screen.

Mouse following is not enabled by default. Open the program settings and check the option under Application > Screen Recorder to enable it.

cursor following

ScreenToGif reminds you that you need to set a shortcut key to disable mouse following. The step sems mandatory and you are taken directly to the shortcuts section of the options to set a shortcut for enabling and disabling mouse cursor following.

Note that you cannot use the mouse to interact with the buttons of the recording frame anymore as it moves away automatically. Use the shortcuts F7 to start a recording and F8 to end it.

There is also a noticeable delay when the recording frame moves on the screen based on cursor activity; this has no effect on the recording but it takes a second or so for the frame to reappear at the new position.

automated tasks screentogif

The developer added several task automation options to the application. You may access these in the options under Automated Tasks. A default task to highlight mouse clicks is already listed there and you may add other tasks with a click on the plus icon.

The three new tasks are shadow, which adds a drop shadow to the recording, progress, which adds a progress overlay, and border, which adds a border overlay. Just select any of the tasks from the add listing to customize it and save it so that it is executed automatically by the screen recorder. You may reorder automated tasks in the menu.

ScreenToGif 2.19 includes several other features like the ability to disable the looping of playback in the editor or a new slider for transparency in the color selector tool.

Closing Words

ScreenToGif is a useful straightforward screen recorder for Windows. It is ideal for quick and short recordings but since it supports formats other than gif, may also work for larger demo videos.

Now You: do you use a screen recorder on your systems?

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