The Pros and Cons of using Chrome Download Unblocker

Chrome Download Unblocker is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices — all from Windows XP to the very latest Windows 10 version — that you may use to configure Chrome to allow any download to go through.

Google Chrome uses Safe Browsing functionality as a safeguard against potentially problematic or outright malicious file downloads. Google introduced Safe Browsing in 2011 in Google Chrome.

While the browser does block malicious files from landing on the system if Google knows about them (if they are on the Safe Browsing list), it may also block legitimate files.

While users may be able to allow certain downloads to complete by interfering manually, it is not possible for all files.

Chrome Download Unblocker steps in. It is a simple to use program that toggles the functionality. A VirusTotal scan returned no hits.

All you do is download the archive to the local system, extract it, and run the setup file afterward. The interface has just one option: to unblock or block downloads in Chrome.

chrome download unblocker

The initial state is blocked and a click on “unblock downloads” lifts the restriction. Chrome cannot run during the operation and you will get a prompt to close the browser to continue.

The program should display the unblocked status in its interface after the operation. You can exit it at this point in time; in fact, you only need it again if you want to toggle the status again or when Google changed something in Chrome that reverted the status.

chrome downloads unblocked

All downloads are allowed without blocking of any kind in Chrome when the download status is set to unblocked in Chrome Download Unblocker.

How useful is the program?

If you run into blocked downloads regularly in Chrome, you may benefit the most as it speeds up the process as you don’t need to interact with Safe Browsing manually anymore.

The downside to using the program is that it will also allow downloads of malicious program that Safe Browsing would have blocked; this may be mitigated by installed antivirus applications if they support the functionality.

I run into blocked file downloads regularly in Chrome, usually when I download a program that is not very popular, e.g. a new program. It is not that difficult to allow the download manually and to verify the claim that Chrome makes using services like VirusTotal.

I could see this becoming a huge nuisance if you download dozens of files per day or even more that are blocked, or simply don’t want the hassle.

Now You: How do you handle browsers that block downloads?

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