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We Just Found Out Pitless Avocados Exist, and Our Minds Are Blown

This makes guacamole so much easier.

It appears avocado news isn’t slowing down any time soon. Earlier this week, everyone was buzzing about a massive 5.23 lb. avocado found in Hawaii. Before that, the news of low-fat avocados took the Internet by storm, as did the idea of replacing cheese with avocado in a mac and cheese recipe. Today, avocados are making headlines for an entirely new reason: pitless avocados are being sold at Marks & Spencer, a supermarket/department store in England.

Considering there’s now a term (“avocado hand”) for cutting yourself while trying to pit an avocado, pitless avocados could spare a lot of trips to the ER. Called cocktail avocados, the fruits are grown in Spain as a result of an unpollinated avocado blossom, according to the BBC.

Unfortunately, the majority of the fruits are sent directly to a Parisian food market, where chefs buy them to use in their high-end restaurants. Marks & Spencer were able to source a small number, and are selling them in packs of five. They have yet to be spotted stateside.

In the meantime, watch our video on how to slice and dice an avocado to avoid injury. Then, use the delicious fruit to create a vibrant aioli, top a hearty breakfast bowl, or nestle into a taco. And if you were hoping to surprise your friends with pitless avocados, we bet they’ll be equally as impressed by Trader Joes’ mini avocados.


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