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What YouTube Downloader is Right for You?

Are you interested in downloading video content? Low resolution or high? Full HD? Or maybe you only want the audio track? How about screengrabs? Perhaps you want all of that and more. Video downloaders are one of the most popular types of extensions for Firefox because there are so many unique ways to handle rich media.

In this post we’ll focus solely on YouTube downloaders, because there’s simply a lot to explore just within the world of video downloaders tailored for YouTube. However, if your video downloading needs aren’t specific to YouTube, I should point out there’s a vast array of video downloaders made for Firefox. The open-source developer community really cranks out some beautiful stuff—everything from do-it-all video downloaders like Video DownloadHelper, Bulk Media Downloader, Video Downloader Professional, 1-Click Downloader, and to super niche video downloaders like Instagram Video Download or Private Video Downloader.

Downloading video and audio files is just a couple clicks away with Easy YouTube Downloader Express.

Easy YouTube Downloader Express

If you’re looking for a really solid YouTube downloader that covers the basics and covers them well, check out Easy YouTube Downloader Express. For one, it’s optimized to play well with the new YouTube interface (the new-look YouTube is known to cause problems for some extensions). Easy YouTube Downloader Express also offers 1080p full-HD downloads and handles MP3’s at 256Kbps. Just hit the “Download As:” button that appears conveniently on each video page and select your download preference.

YouTube Video and Audio Downloader

I like the elegance of this YouTube downloader’s interface. Hit a button on any video page and a menu pops up to offer “Quick Download” action or access to a “Download Panel” that displays various resolution and media options. This is a very simple and to-the-point YouTube downloader.

YouTube Video and Audio Downloader displays intuitive controls.

YouTube Download & Adblocker Smarttube

Have you ever eaten Indian pizza? Where they take traditional pizza dough but instead of topping it with stuff like cheese and pepperoni they cook it with curry, masala sauces and other delicious Indian flavors? You eat it and you’re like “why didn’t someone think of this years ago?”

YouTube Download & Adblocker is like that. It’s a great video downloader (that can also handle audio file conversions with an array of formats) PLUS it’s an effective YouTube ad blocker. Genius.

A couple more nice features: you can choose to block annotations with the flick of a checkbox. And with the ad blocker, you have the option to whitelist YouTube channels so ads only appear when you view your favorite content creators.

YouTube Video Download & Convert

If you want gobs of download options, YouTube Video Download & Convert has options—high and low res, static images, audio, even subtitles. It’s also a powerful media converter. All available actions appear as buttons just below the video player, which makes everything super convenient if you don’t mind YouTube pages loaded with buttons.

Easy YouTube MP3

Are you solely interested in converting a YouTube video into an audio MP3 file? That’s all Easy YouTube MP3 does. Quick and painless.

The extensions mentioned above are my favorites (I should probably add Download YouTube Video as well; it’s a really strong video downloader, but some might object to the edgy ads displayed on its custom download page). Did I miss your favorite YouTube downloader? If so please drop suggestions in the comments.

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