WinFi Lite is a powerful WiFi Analyzer for Windows

WinFi Lite is a new networking program and app for Microsoft Windows devices designed to monitor, analyze, and manage wireless networks. The application is available as a Microsoft Store application and as a classic desktop application.

The desktop application is available on OneDrive and not signed at the time of writing. The author plans to sign it soon though.

The program is listed as beta currently but it works really well already. For this test, I have checked out the desktop version of the application. Both versions share the same functionality.

Tip: check out NetSpot WiFi Analyzer for Android if you want a mobile analyzer. Also, make sure to secure your wireless router. If you use Windows, use WifiHistoryView to display past wireless connections the PC made and this tutorial to remove old wireless networks in Windows 10.

WinFi Lite

winfi lite wireless network windows

The interface of the application provides a wealth of information but in a very organized fashion thanks to the use of colors and tabs. It may still be overwhelming at first as you find lots of buttons, tabs and menus placed in the interface to change what is displayed on the screen.

The program displays the list of wireless networks that it discovered during an initial scan; the list is updated automatically by default but you may click on the pause button in the top left corner next to the wireless network adapter to pause the scans.

Each wireless network is listed with its BSSID, network name, vendor name, RSSI, beacon, rates, bands, channels, amendments, channel utilization, security, uptime, last seen date and a lot more.

A click on any network displays details in the lower panel. The lower panel uses tabs to divide details, signals, spectrum, parameter, and notes.

The application displays graphs when you click on network details that highlights the strength of the selected network. Signals and Spectrum provide a comparison with other networks. The program color codes each network that it found during the scan and all of them are displayed in the graphs so that you can check the use of channels or the signal strength effectively.

winfi lite manage wireless networks

The Parameters tab finally lists details networking parameters such as the supported rates, capability information, or timestamps. There is also a notes tab to add custom text notes.

WinFi Lite supports lots of filtering options to display a subset of networks or information only. You can sort the network table using the program and switch to another supported view mode using the view menu.

The application supports basic and pro view modes, a security report view mode, or network capability and nearby network lists views. Basic, as the name suggests, lists fewer parameters and focuses on important metrics such as signal quality, band, or channel.

wireless networks security

Pro displays more information, and security report changes the layout of the table by grouping networks into security categories. It lists open networks and networks sorted into groups that use encryption for easier identification.

You can create custom profiles using the program’s capabilities; ideal if you need an overview of a subset of information only.

A right-click on a network displays options to copy the information or save/open as Pcap.,

The developer added handy features to the application that improves how you use it. You find 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz toggles at the top to quickly display or hide these networks in the listing. There is an option to save the data to JSON files, and to change zounds of parameters in the settings. To name just a few: scan interval in seconds, when unreachable networks are removed from the table, how graphs are displayed, and a lot more.

WinFi Lite keeps track of networks in an archive that you may open at any time. A click on a session  provides an option to replay it in its entirety. The program switches to the table view then and you may use the session slider to go back and forward in time, or play it instead.

Closing Words

WinFi Lite may still be a beta application but it is well designed very powerful wireless network monitor, analyzer, and manager. Cautious users may want to wait until the program is out of beta and signed properly.

Now You: do you use network monitoring applications? (via Deskmodder)

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