Review Articles on AMO and New Blog Name

I’m very happy to announce a new feature that we’ve released on AMO ( It’s a series of posts that review some of the best add-ons we have available on AMO. So far we have published three articles:

Our goal with this new channel is to provide user-friendly guides into the add-ons world, focused on topics that are at the top of Firefox users’ minds. And, because we’re publishing directly on AMO, you can install the add-ons directly from the article pages.

Screenshot of article

A taste of the new look and feel

All add-ons that are featured in these articles have been reviewed and should be safe to use. If you have any feedback on these articles or the add-ons we’ve included in them, please let us know in the Discourse forum. I’ll be creating new threads for each article we publish.

New blog name

These posts are being published in a new section on AMO called “Firefox Add-on Reviews”. So, while we’re not calling it a “blog”, it could still cause some confusion with this blog.

In order to reduce confusion, we’ve decided to rename this blog from “Add-ons Blog” to “Add-ons Community Blog”, which we think better represents its charter and content. Nothing else will change: the URL will remain the same and this will continue to be the destination for add-on developer and add-on community news.

I hope you like the new content we’re making available for you. Please share it around and let us know what you think!

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