Current Version Plugin Facebook Video Calling Plugin

Guide to Current Version Plugin Facebook Video Calling Plugin- The current version plugin for Facebook Video Calling Plugin is available on the web. Basically, it is designed to attribute to connect with you most famous social networking site Facebook into Firefox browser. With the help of Facebook video calling plug in, you can easily get connected with your family and friends. With the video calling plugin you can do video conferencing with an ease via your Firefox browser. You can update your contact list, keep communicating with your family and friends. The tool is coupled with another part of the software tool.

Now no need to write long emails if you live far away from your family and friends. No need to go anywhere for asking a single question. Stay updated with today’s technology and stay connected with your loved ones. All you need is to just use the Facebook video calling plugin with a proper internet connection so that you can even have one on one conversation as well.

Arrival of Current Version Plugin Facebook Video Calling Plugin

The Facebook video calling comes with the Facebook Messenger for the desktop version. The video calling is configured with the Facebook desktop messenger. In messenger application you can check status updates, messages and notifications without signing into your FB account.

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However, it is not essential to download current version Facebook Video Calling Plugin, but it has lots of benefits. Sometimes it might or might not create issues such as crashes or slowing down your browser. If you experience some problem, then you can disable this plugin.

How to disable the Current Version Plugin for Facebook Video Calling

If you are experiencing some problems, then you can disable Facebook video calling plug in. To disable this, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: First click on the Menu button, then click on add on options. Click on the topmost right corner of your Mozilla browser for choosing Menu option.


Step 2: Now explore Facebook plugin available in the list of plug ins.
Step 3: Click on ‘Disable’ or ‘Never Activate’ option. Click on the available right side menu where you will get the option of ‘Never Activate’.

If you do video chats with your friends on the regular basis, then installing the current version of this video calling plug-in is the best option. It is one of the convenient options, but you must update it on the regular basis to get the complete out of it for your video calling purposes. If you have any query regarding the post or you find it useful then please mention it in the comments.

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