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Picasa is a well-known program that is used for sharing and video editing tool from Google. Now this program has come a very long way in terms of US integration and Browser integration. By using this amazing program users will experience the ease of editing pictures and videos with just few clicks.  Picasa can replace users default browser of pictures. So if users are interested in switching to a new picture editor, it can easily be done. Make sure that you are completely integrating that editor to your systems, with just few clicks image appears in this program. Not only editing can be done, but you can also open another editing program. With just one click users can reach most out of it. This program automatically does all the adjustments such as color, hue, brightness and much more with just one click.

Features of the Current Version Plugin Picasa

There are plenty of features that you will get with current version plugin Picasa. Here are some of them explained

  • It is very simple to use
  • current version plug-in Picasa can easily integrated with the OS you have
  • it can edit your photographs and videos effectively
  • users also get face recognition and geo tagging with it
  • users can easily manage their pictures


There are few requirements which you will need to get current version plugin Picasa. to use Picasa you will need Microsoft internet explorer version six or any new, Mozilla Firefox, hundred megabytes hard disk availability, 256 RAM, 1024×768 resolution of screen or even higher and OS windows 7vista/XP.

Current Version Plugin PicasaHow to install?

  • On the websites you will find a link from where you can download Picasa.
  • After downloading double click on button’ installation’
  • Click finish to complete the process
  • After that Picasa will start and will ask the users to specify a folder where it can go for initial scan. The program will display pictures without moving files from pictures location
  • Users will get option to use the program on your personal computers.
  • Done

When users will install Picasa on their computers, this program will cause Firefox plug-in updates. Manual updates can also be done by going to the menu of Firefox >>Add-ons>>Plugging. With the plug-in you will never need to install anything to use the web albums. You just have to go to the website of the album and there enter your email and password of Google. After logging in users can see their pictures. All the standard features of the plugging can be used within the Firefox browser.

Fixing problems

If users feel any trouble using current version plug-in Picasa, then first uninstall it from your systems then install the latest version of program and install the plug-in again. Also make sure to update your browser. Uninstalling can be done by clicking on the start button >>Control panel, Select uninstall, find the program and double click on the start button and done.

Current version plugin Picasa is an excellent took that can effectively edit your images within user’s browsers.

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