Download images easily with the Double-click Image Downloader extension for Chrome and Firefox


Occasionally you may run into some websites don’t allow you to download images from their servers. It may be a precautionary measure to prevent others from re-using the pictures, or as part of the backend code, or even caused by a gallery plugin.

Download images easily with the Double-click Image Downloader extension for Chrome and Firefox

Whatever the reason maybe, if you want a way to download images or bypass restrictions, Double-click Image Downloader offers a simple solution. And yes, it works on Facebook photos too.

Install the add-on and double-click on an image on any web page to download it. A pop-up notification appears near the bottom right corner indicating that the picture has been downloaded. The downloaded image is saved to your browser’s default downloads folder and the original format (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc), resolution and file name are preserved. You can right-click on an image and use the browser’s context menu and select the “Download Image” option that was added by the add-on.

Double-click Image Downloader extension for Chrome

Double-click Image Downloader options

The add-on’s options page has many settings that can be used for changing the download behavior and trigger.  You may toggle the download complete notification from this page. Notice how the image sort of greys out for a split second when it is being downloaded? This effect can be disabled from the options.

The extension lets you assign a hotkey that can be used to download images when you hover over it. You can use a combination of Alt/Ctrl/Shift + any character of your choice. For e.g. alt + shift + d.

Double-click Image Downloader hover button

Blacklist domains that you want to ignore (never download from) and Whitelist websites directly from the extension’s options. Unsure if the double click worked? Enable the Hover button from the add-on’s options. When it is enabled, an icon appears when you mouse over images, click it to download the picture. The position of the hover button can be customized, as can the opacity and the size of the button.

Double-click Image Downloader hover button position

Personally, I prefer this method, as it allows you to download images that are linked to pages, so you aren’t taken to the web page when you double-click (or single click). For e.g. try clicking the images on our homepage. You can drag and drop images over the button to download them.

Double-click Image Downloader extension Firefox

Rename Files

Firefox doesn’t support renaming of downloaded files. So, this is a Chrome-exclusive feature. You can set it to use a counter, the domain name, folder path of the page or image source, or the page title.

Double-click Image Downloader options chrome

The “Save As” dialog is not supported by Firerox either. The browser however supports other filename conflicts such as overwriting file (which is not recommended) or automatically adding a numeric suffix. For e.g. image.jpg, image(1).jpg, image(2).jpg.

Prefer a single-click for downloading images? Want to use the right mouse button instead? Scroll to the end of the options to change the mouse button’s download trigger. You can choose from: single click or double click, for the left or right mouse buttons and also set a delay for it in microseconds.

Note: You’ll need to refresh the page for some settings to take effect.

Double-click Image Downloader makes it easy to download several images quickly.  You can get the Firefox extension from AMO or the Chrome extension from the web store. The extension is an open source project.

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