“ImTranslator” for download! This software extends your Firefox, Opera or Chrome browser with a suitable interpreter. The add-on is very suitable for a better understanding of a text, but it also has its limits. We will show you what these are in the following.

In the translator: operation and functions

You just can’t speak every language. The add-on ImTranslator helps if you surf on pages on which you can no longer advance with your foreign language skills. If only one word is missing, just mark the word, right-click and choose the Dictionary function. The program already translates the selected word for you.

ImTranslator translates into various languages. For this you mark the desired text and select the source and target language. (Source:

Also, the translation of whole paragraphs or items permitted the extension . Marking the text and right-clicking is also sufficient here. You can choose from a variety of languages ​​into which the text can be translated.

To polish up your foreign language skills, you can also have the texts read to you by computer voices. For this purpose, ImTranslator offers a text-to-speech function, which you can also access via the context menu after right-clicking on the selected text. You can download ImTranslator from us for free. We offer you the individual versions for Firefox , Opera and Chrome for download.


The add-on helps you with a missing word as well as when translating an entire text and supports various languages. This saves you from opening a dictionary or visiting a translation website . The reading function is not only helpful, but can also be a lot of fun.

However, there is no translation software that translates a text perfectly into the other language. This is not the case with ImTranslator either. Grammatical errors and shifts in meaning are a big problem. In addition, there are many words that have no exact equivalent in German. Nevertheless, the application for personal further development of language skills is well suited. Are you looking for more practical browser extensions?