Netflix party

You want to watch Netflix with your friends, but you are in different places? With the Chrome addon “Netflix Party”,  you can watch your favorite series in sync with your friends. BrowserEngine helps to download the latest version.

Using Netflix Party is very easy. After you have downloaded and installed the addon, you start Netflix and select a movie. The Netflix Party icon will appear in your Chrome browser . Click on it and you create a Netflix session with the corresponding link. You just share this with your friends, but you must also have this Netflix Party installed.

Watch Netflix with absent friends.
Watch Netflix with absent friends. (Source: Google)

As soon as you have connected via the link, you can start. When you start the video, it will be played synchronously with your friends. A nice extra is the chat, with which you can talk about the action during the film.

If you want to try Netflix Party, you will find the download link for the current version on this page. The addon is only available for Google Chrome and is completely free.


Netflix Party is a well-rounded affair. With the addon you can also hold a spontaneous movie evening with friends who are not present. Operation is easy and convenient. We also like the integrated chat function.

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