DownZemAll is an open source download manager for Windows, Linux and macOS


Recently, while casually browsing GitHub, I came across a name that seemed familiar at first; it turned out to be a new download manager called DownZemAll.

DownZemAll is an open source download manager for Windows, Linux and macOS

The program’s name is very similar to the popular DownloadThemAll! extension for Firefox, which is what surprised me. The official page reveals that the developer of DownZemAll started the project during the time the legacy add-on stopped working with Firefox Quantum, and seems to have used it as the inspiration to rewrite this application.

But that’s where the similarities end, because DownZemAll is a desktop program. Let’s take a look at it to see how it stacks up. The interface is mostly what you’d expect in a download manager: a menu bar, toolbar, the main pane, but unlike others, DownZemAll has a sidebar too. The options in the side panel are also available from the right-click menu.

The download pane displays the filename of the content that you’re downloading, the server where it is being obtained from, a download progress bar and the percentage of completion, the file’s size, the estimated time for the download to be completed, and the current download speed. Click the plus button on the toolbar to add a new download and paste a file’s URL in the download field. Optionally enter a custom name to save it in. You can set the download folder from this dialog box. The program also supports batch downloading of files.

DownZemAll add new download

DownZemAll displays a pop-up notification near the system tray when a download has been completed (or failed). Right-click on an entry in the download list to view DownZemAll’s context menu. This menu (and the side-panel) lets you view the download information (URL, size, etc), open the file, rename it, delete it or open the folder where it’s saved.

You may copy the download URL, and manage the download (pause, resume, cancel, remove), move them up or down the queue. The program can also be used to download videos from streaming services. Click the video download button (next to the + icon), and paste the stream’s URL to download the media.

DownZemAll context menu

Down Right Now (companion extension for Firefox and Chrome)

While DownZemAll is a desktop program, it has an optional extension for Firefox and Chrome called Down Right Now. While the name sort of sounds like a website server status checker, this one is actually a tool that sends the download command from your browser to DownZemAll.

Down Right now new download

So, how does this work. Once you install the add-on, it is available on the toolbar as an icon, and as a context menu item. Mouse ever a file that you want to download, right-click on it, and select “Save link with Down Right Now”. This sends the download to DownZemAll which immediately starts the download process. I did have an issue with Down Right Now, and that’s because it didn’t recognize the portable version of the desktop client. So I ran the Install.bat in the portable folder, and it created the relevant registry entries. And bingo!, the add-on recognized it as an installed program.

Down Right now download all content

There’s one additional function that the extension is capable of. Click on the Down Right Now toolbar icon and it should display all links on the web page you’re currently on, and you can choose which ones of those you want to save. This does remind me of DownThemAll.

Portable versions of DownZemAll are available for 32-bit and 64-bit computers. The application is based on QT5 and written in C/C++. There are 2 different portable builds available, MSVC is the Microsoft Visual C++ version which uses Chromium’s engine and Google Gumbo. The MinGW GCC Compiler version does not use Chromium.

Note: It appears a newer version of the program has been released. This review is based on version 1.7.3. The application is also available for Linux and macOS, but I was unable to test those.

Though DownZemAll doesn’t have automatic browser monitoring, the extension bridges the gap pretty well. I didn’t find anything to complain about regarding the download speeds and the overall performance of the program. It is in my opinion, a good alternative to XDM and HTTP Downloader (which I have been using for the past few months).

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