DuckDuckGo adds Indian servers and new options

The privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo announced the launch of new features and servers recently on the company’s Spread Privacy blog. The company added servers in India to better serve Indian users, a new “past year” data range filter, and dark theme refinements to the desktop version of the service.

The search engine supported time-based filters for a long time but the options were limited to a maximum length of one month up until now.

DuckDuckGo users can activate the “Any Time” filter on search results page to select a date range filter. The new “past year” option is now available; it displays results of the past year only and extends the maximum length to 12 months.

duckduckgo past year filter search

DuckDuckGo notes that the “past year” data filter was one of the most requested features of users of the service. The filter lacks options to set custom date ranges for results; Google Search and Bing support the filter while most third-party search engines, including Startpage, don’t.

The company notes that the implementation was not straightforward as it needed to make sure that the delivered results would still be anonymous.

It wasn’t straightforward for us to do because we work with a variety of different partners to produce the anonymous search results you see on DuckDuckGo. With their help, we were finally able make it happen!

DuckDuckGo is aware that a custom date range is popular as well. It stated that it has no immediate plans to add it but that it may be added in the future.

The update brings dark theme refinements next to that. You can activate the dark theme with a click on Settings and the selection of the dark theme icon in the interface that opens.

duckduckgo dark theme

Dark and light themes are not the only themes that are supported by the service. If you open the Theme Settings using the Hamburger menu at the top you will find four more themes listed there including a high contrast, gray, and terminal theme.

DuckDuckGo added “a lot of servers” to the Indian subcontinent to improve the performance of the service for Indian users (and users in that region). The connection speed was not the best according to the company and the addition of new servers should improve the experience for users significantly.

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