Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2020 update brings a new interface design and dark mode


Emsisoft Emergency Kit has been my go-to secondary scanner for a few years now. I make it a habit to scan each and every program that I download once with the scanner and also with Windows Defender and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2020 Update

So, as per my routine I opened EEK, checked for updates before scanning some new applications that are in my review list. When it completed the update, something looked different, there was a new interface. A quick search revealed that it had been released yesterday.

Fortunately I did save the previous version’s installer, so I installed it on my USB flash drive to observe the changes. So, here’s what’s new in Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2020. It still has the Dual Scanning engine powered by Bitdefender and Emsisoft. But the interface looks more polished with a lighter color palette. The visual improvements were added to keep the program in line with the company’s premium antivirus’ GUI.

There are four tiles on the main screen of Emsisoft Emergency Kit: Scan and Clean, Quarantine, Logs and Settings.

Here’s a screenshot from the previous version for reference. Can you tell what’s different between the two?

Emsisoft Emergency Kit old interface

The toolbar beneath the primary options has been replaced by text links. The old version had the Settings shortcut on the toolbar, but it has its own tile in the latest update, while the other three tiles have moved a step to the left. The Update option has been moved to the right edge of the screen, you can still see the “last update” information to the left of the update button. The Quick Scan option is available on the overview screen, earlier you had to click on scan and then select the option.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2020 interface

The official release notes don’t mention it, but the side bar to the left of the interface is a new addition as well. Click on the three-line hamburger menu in the top left corner of the screen to expand the side panel. This allows you to jump between the following screens: Overview, Scan, Quarantine, Logs, Settings. The Scan percentage is visible on the side bar, which is useful if you have navigated to a different screen.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2020 Update - scans

Click on the Settings option and you’ll see a new option called Appearance. This allows you to switch between Bright and Dark Mode without having to restart the program.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2020 Update - dark mode

The other options in the malware removal tool pretty much remain the same. You can read our review of the previous version for more details.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2020 Update - settings

The announcement at the official blog says that there are “Several minor tweaks and fixes” in the Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2020 update though it doesn’t go into the details as to what they are.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit quick scan

The Quick scans was quite fast at about 30 seconds, the malware scan took about 4 minutes (all tests done with multiple programs running in the background and default settings). These seem similar to the previous gen’s performance. From what I can tell, they have given it the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” treatment, which is always good.

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