ImageGlass is free image viewer for Windows

Windows 10’s photos app is horrible and slow but it is the default application to display images on the operating system. You can bring back Windows Photo Viewer optionally if you are used to the classic image viewer and prefer it.

There are other good options and many Windows users install third-party alternatives such as IrfanView, nomacs, Faststone Image Viewer, XnView, or QuickViewer and use them to view images and photos on the system.


ImageGlass is free image viewer for Windows

ImageGlass is a free image viewer for Windows which supports about 72 formats including PSD (Photoshop) and RAW formats. The program is open source and is available as a portable version and installer. It’s fast and relatively light on resources but not the fastest or lightest third-party image viewer that is available for Windows 10.

The thing I like the most about the application is the tool bar as it features lots of useful options that are all accessible with just a click. The icons for the options are flat and quite nice as well. You can use the toolbar to navigate from one picture to another, rotate or flip images, scale or zoom the view among other things.

The most important options on ImageGlass’ toolbar are the ones at the end of the toolbar. The thumbnail view can be used to bring up a thumbnail preview gallery of all the pictures which are in the same folder which is very useful to search pictures just by glancing at them. The checkerboard background gives the interface a nice photo editor-like look. The other options are to view the image in full-screen, play as a slideshow and delete picture.

The title bar is also very useful, it not only displays the name of the picture, but also its file path, resolution or disk size. ImageGlass comes with two themes: dark and light gray but there are more themes available for the program on the official website.

Keyboard shortcuts are supported as well. You can use the arrow keys to navigate between images, use shortcuts to save images, start a slideshow, or to zoom to name just a few options. One handy shortcut is Ctrl-Shift-L as it opens the image’s location on the system.

Advanced features

imageglass settings

ImageGlass can save pictures in different formats (BMP, EMF, EXIF, GIF, ICO, JPG, PNG, TIFF, WMV, BaseString) which means that you may use it to convert images to one of the supported formats. There is a color-picker (eye-dropper tool) that supports RGBA, HEXA, HSLA which can be of use to artists and designers. The mouse wheel can be used for scrolling and zooming, and you can customize the actions from the settings even further.

You can copy an image to the clipboard, switch to ImageGlass and use the “Open image data from clipboard” to directly open it in the viewer. ImageGlass supports animated GIFs as well, and you can use the program to pause the animation or even save a particular frame from the clip, you can even define the zoom levels.  The program can be used to view the different color channels in an image such as Red, Blue. Green, Black and Alpha. Try it and save the result for a really cool looking picture.

The only thing ImageGlass cannot be used for is to edit images. But you can set the default image editor for each format in the program’s settings to open it directly from the viewer.

Closing Words

ImageGlass is user friendly, fast and to the point. It is not as feature-rich as some of the other programs, and it is not the fastest or most resource friendly either, but it is not doing too bad either. If you have yet to pick an image viewer for a Windows 10 device, you may want to give it a try.

Now You: Which image viewer do you use and why?

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