Is File Manager the best Files app for Android?

File Manager is a replacement application for the default Android Files app that offers a better experience and more features than the default file manager on Android.

I don’t like the Files app; it is too basic for my liking and too limiting. One example: why can’t I use it to browse any folder on the device but only select folders? (Update: it is possible, you need to select the menu button and enable “”show internal storage” to add the option to browse all storage.)

New versions of Android come with two apps that are called Files. One is the default file manager, the other was previously known as Files Go and designed to free up storage on the device.

File Manager

file manager

File Manager is a free, very popular, application for Android. It is ad-driven but the advertisement is light and the pricing of the premium version is reasonable. You can either make a one-time payment of $7.99 or pay $1.99 yearly.

The file manager displays main storage areas as well as file categories when you start it. You can explore the device’s main storage or SD cards if connected, or browse categories such as Downloads, Apps, Documents or New Files.

The available browsing options set it apart from Files as you may use the app to browse folders of the device that the default file manager Files does not make available.

File Manager lists three additional options on the frontpage. Users may integrate cloud storage providers to integrate those directly in the files manager. The app supports Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Yandex currently.

You may browse the folders and files of connected cloud storage accounts and download selected files to the device. Apart from that, there is also the option to connect remote storage, e.g. a NAS or FTP server, and to enable access from a PC; the latter uses FTP for that and may be useful to some users, especially if the device cannot be connected to the PC directly using a cable.

A tap on any of the main file browsing options displays a folder and files listing. File Manager displays a breadcrumb navigation at the top to quickly navigate back. Each file is displayed with a file type icon, name, size, and last modification date.

A tap on the file opens it either using internal viewers, if available, or displays a list of available options to open the file; a tap on an image opens it using an internal image viewer, a tap on a PDF suggests other apps that support the format.

File Manager comes with an internal image viewer, music player, and text editor. You can disable those in the options if you prefer to open these file types with an external app.

A long-tap on a file displays additional options that include copy, move, rename, delete, share, bookmark, properties and open with.

All lists support customization options. You may change the default view to two different view modes including one that focuses on icons, change the default sort order from date to name, size and other parameters, and enable the viewing of hidden files.

file manager android

File Manager supports the creation of new folders and files, and you may use the built-in search to find specific files quickly.

Another useful feature is the bookmark system. Long-tap on any folder or file that is not displayed on the startpage of the app to add it as a bookmark.

A tap on the menu icon and the selection of the bookmarks star lists all bookmarked folders for fast access. The menu displays recently opened locations as well, and the clock icon under menu recently opened files.

The settings list several interesting options. You can set default apps for file types there, disable internal viewers, enable an option to display system storage, or enable or hide options in the application’s advanced menu.

File Manager may be used to analyze the storage. Select the three dots in the main interface and then the Analyze option from the menu. The app runs some quick calculations


Performance of the application is great. I tested the app on a Pixel 3A and everything opened and ran instantly. I cannot say if the experience will not be as smooth on devices that are not as fast, it is possible.

On the device, however, performance was excellent.

Closing Words

File Manager is a well designed application for Android that replaced the Files manager entirely on my device. The app is fast and supports a ton of options that Files does not support. I did not use it to integrate cloud storage but you could and that would certainly be a bonus, especially if you just want to browse files and move some to Android every now and then.

Now You: which files manager do you use on Android?

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