Keep track of all subscriptions on your Android device


Subscriptions – Manage your regular expenses is a free application for Google’s Android operating system to keep an overview of subscriptions.

Subscription-based services, apps, games and other products are on the rise on the Internet and in technology. You may subscribe to media services such as Netflix, storage services, subscribe to Office and other software solutions, to game streaming and flatrate services, online news services, and more.

Add traditional products and subscriptions such as mobile phone, Internet and TV plans to the mix, and you end up with an ever increasing number of subscriptions that you need to track.  It is difficult to keep an eye on the monthly and yearly expenses as well as renewal periods.

Do you know how much money you spend monthly/yearly on subscriptions?

The free Android application Subscriptions – Manage your regular expenses, yes that is the name, provides you with options to manage all subscriptions.

Managing subscriptions on Android

manage subscriptions android app

When you start the application on an Android device for the first time you are asked to pick a currency; this is the main currency that the app sets automatically when you add or edit subscriptions. You may create subscriptions in other currencies but need to switch to these manually during creation.

A tap on the plus icon opens the “add subscription” page. There you add the monthly, yearly or one-time fees, pick a name and add optional information such as a description and notes, date of first payment, the payment method, and a color or label.

The application lists all subscriptions in the main interface. It highlights the monthly cost of each subscription by default but you may switch that to the yearly view instead. The overview page displays the total that you pay per month or year depending on your selection.

Subscriptions – Manage your regular expenses supports filters on the page that you may activate. It is possible to filter by label, if you added them or by payment method. The latter is quite useful as it could help you list all services that may need updating, e.g. when the used Credit Card expired or is about to expire.

Subscriptions may be sorted by name, price, or next billing date in ascending or descending order.

A tap on the settings button displays all available options in an overlay. You may hide or show the time until the next payment is due, display labels, turn on night mode, change the default currency, or back up the data.

Closing Words

Subscriptions – Manage your regular expenses is a useful application for Android to keep track of subscriptions. The app displays monthly and yearly totals, highlights upcoming payments, and supports labels and notes to make things more comfortable.

Keeping track of subscriptions is the primary purpose of the application but it can in theory also be used as a reminder application. The application lacks notifications and synchronization options on the other hand which means that you need to open the app whenever you want to check upcoming subscriptions.

Now you: how do you keep track of subscriptions?

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